How To Tell If Motorcycle Helmet Is Too Small

Choosing a helmet for the ride or a daily commute is not just a necessity, it can put your life at severe risk. As we all are not bike experts, right! How do we find that perfect helmet sizing, or how to tell if motorcycle helmet is too small? It might confuse most people who randomly buy a helmet without even looking at the consequences it can cause if the size of the bike helmet is too small.

In this article, we will solve this problem for all the readers. We will explain the consequences of using the wrong helmet for a long time & along with that, how is a motorcycle helmet supposed to fit your head?

Best Guide On How To Tell If Motorcycle Helmet Is Too Small

If your helmet is not the right fit, you might be surprised that it can cause numerous issues that we will be sharing with you today! There can be many ways to confirm that the motorcycle helmet is too small.

Here are some of the issues that keep you irritating whenever your bike helmet is too small:

  • You will feel pressure whenever you wear your helmet all around your head.
  • It can cause headaches, concussions, or blurry vision if not removed for long.
  • You will also find them difficult to remove from your head as well.
  • If you wear it for long, it can cause red marks around the tight areas.
  • You can feel hot spots, sweat, or pain while wearing helmets.

If you have ignored such factors till now, you should get a size up for yourself, or if there are no significant issues but your helmet still feels tight around your head or cheek, you should opt for custom-based liners to padding to get the appropriate fitting helmet.

Some of the helmets come with removable padding to deal with such concerns. Don’t forget to try different motorcycle helmet sizing or brands but wear the one that completely snugs your head.

How Is A Motorcycle Helmet Supposed To Fit?

Helmets are necessary for all people during the rides. You can’t ignore that choosing a wrong fit helmet can cause you much damage during any mishap. These are benefits when you ride with the right size of helmet:

  • It will protect your head during any motorcycle crash or falling off the bike.
  • It helps you during high speeds by staying in place.
  • No need to adjust the helmets anymore to fit you properly.
  • Keeps the proper air circulation inside the helmet to avoid suffocation.
  • Make your rides more convenient or secure.
  • Clear vision during the rides without any foggy screens.

Now the question is, how do I know if my helmet is too small or large? Let’s first try to measure your head’s right size to proceed further.

How To Find Right Size Of Motorcycle Helmet

Two factors that need to be measured first for finding the right-sized motorcycle helmet are the shape or size of the head to know the appropriate size category. When you have the exact size measurement of your head, you will know how to tell if motorcycle helmet is too small? Let’s know more!

Find Accurate Head Size:

Find out the correct head size with measuring tape & try out the different brands to find the optimal sizing category. If you fall between the sizes, choose the size up & remove extra paddings.

Find Right Head Shape:

Determine the right head shape by taking the help of another person. Take a picture from above & analyze what shape you hold, such as a helmet too small vial, round or long. For oval or long size shapes, the distance between your forehead & back of the head is much more than round-shaped heads.

How Is A Motorcycle Helmet Supposed To Fit?

After finding the right size of your head, you need to know multiple factors before buying the proper fitting motorcycle helmets. Here is the checklist you can keep handy in your mind:

  • You need to know that a right-fitting helmet will not cause you any pain, discomfort, or inconvenience. Otherwise, it’s a no for that helmet.
  • Try to wear the helmet for 15 to 20 minutes to determine if it is the right fit or needs some changes or a different size.
  • Large-sized helmets are dangerous. So, motorcycle helmets should comfortably surround your head.
  • The adjusting chin straps should be soft or firm with a gap of one or two fingers not to cause any rashes during long rides.
  • Fitting helmets should properly land up on your cheeks without creating any pressure or red marks, giving you a fair chance of movement as well.
  • If moving the helmet in all directions is more than an inch, it needs a little extra padding, or you can decrease the size.

For more information, you can read our article on How do I know if my helmet is too small?

Frequently Asked Questions:

How snug should a motorcycle helmet fit?

Finding the perfect fit is necessary to save you from damage during any mishap.  Small size can make you uncomfortable while riding, or a bigger one can fall from your head. The motorcycle helmet sizing should be according to your head size. But If still, it runs bigger in size, it gets some custom-based cushioning to fit right according to your head.

How do you check if a helmet fits you properly?

Once you find the appropriate helmet for your head, move it in any direction, such as forwards or vice versa. If the helmet is a perfect fit, it will not move more than an inch in any direction. If it’s moving more than that, you might get a bigger size, or if it’s not then, it’s too tight for your head.

How do I make my motorcycle helmet sizing looser?

Wearing the correct size is necessary, but it does not mean you hurt yourself. On the other hand, multiple helmet brands help their customers make the helmet’s size slightly looser from the tight area. You can get rid of the extra padding or linings the helmet has to make it more comfortable.

How can I improve the fit of my bike helmet?

First of all, buy a helmet that stays in one place near your headline and fits you perfectly. Otherwise, it is not going to help you during the damage. On the other hand, you can add proper fitting liners, paddings, or cushioning to make it according to your perfect size.

How tight should a motorcycle helmet be?

While finding the right fit for the helmet, always remember that your helmet comfortably surrounds your head and snug it nicely without causing any headaches. It should not be too tight or too loose that it mostly does in most cases. During rides, helmets should not make any movements on their own.


Concluding the article, we want to share that wearing helmets is a tremendous precaution that can save you from any damage. If you have the fitting helmet, you will not feel burdensome to wear it. After reading our complete guide, we hope you can easily find out how to tell if motorcycle helmet is too small or large? Enjoy your comfortable ride with the correct motorcycle helmet.

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