What To Do With Old Motorcycle Helmet

Everything comes with an expiration date. Don’t you think? You can’t have them all the long you want. So do the “old bike helmets”. Yes, do you remember when your old helmets accompanied you during those long weekend rides, countryside travel rides or city travels?

We know all the riders have a sentimental value attached to their helmets. And why not? They are not used to just protect your head. I mean, yeah, it’s necessary, but these old bike helmets are more like your buddies. Right! If you find yourself in a situation such as what to do with old motorcycle helmet?

We are here to help you through our complete guide with the different brilliant ideas about motorcycle helmet recycling without just tossing them into your bin. Let’s start!

Tips On What To Do With Old Motorcycle Helmet

Many riders or non riders out there often feel confused with where to take old motorcycle helmets. We might have a solution for you: 7 great tips to work with old motorcycle helmets.

1. Renovate Or Revamp Your Old Helmet

Let’s find out the answer: what can I make with old motorcycle helmet? There are multiple ideas you can incorporate. First of all, cut off the strips of the helmets to avoid any future use as a helmet. Now you can use them in creating DIY items such as hanging flower pots, decorating pieces on your shelves, bird feeder or many more.

You can use them as containers to store different old pieces or food items. It will make your old bike helmets into a new exciting way to use.

2. Donate Them To Driving Schools

What if your old helmets are out of fashion but not out of purpose? Then it would be best if you donated them to any driving school near your area. It will help them to serve the purpose of protecting their coming customers during the sessions.

Now you don’t have to keep thinking about what to do with old motorcycle helmet?

3. Hand Out To Young Kids For Practicing New Skills

Who does not have young kids in their local area? Almost everyone. Right! Young kids always used to practice new skills or test their driving skills while riding. They often act careless towards the precautionary measures or wearing helmets.

And what is the best use to hand out your old bike helmet to such kids so that they will stay safe while practicing such skills?

4. Give To NGO For Kid’s Fun Activity

Most NGO’s centres always look for additional donations from the people they can use for different creative lessons or art classes. You can put your helmet to best use by giving it to such centres so that kids will paint or decorate them.

So, what you can do is give your expired helmets to needy organizations. Your helmet, even after expiration, will make kids smile.

5. Keep It As A Memory

There are many travelers or riders who travel to different places & collect tokens of memories for them. Then you can clean these old bike helmets & place them as a memento for your old sake journeys.

6. Exchange It On The Brand Stores

If your bike helmet is only a few months old after purchasing from the branded store and you are planning to buy a new one. Many manufacturers provide exchange policies. You can exchange your old one for the new bike helmet or get discount vouchers for the cost of old bike helmets.

7. Keep It As A Memory Of Journey One for the fancy dress box.

Many of the drama clubs or companies all around your area are used to collect different prop items from the households. If you are no longer using them, pass it to them with their drama scenes, props or fancy dress.

8. Give To Old Helmet Collection Organization

Give to museums or old collecting communities. Yes, you heard it right! There are various organizations that used to collect such items & make them part of their collection.

Your helmet can be a great exhibition piece when the particular brand stops making helmets of the series you hold. Anyone can have a look at such items at any time.


How do I dispose of a motorcycle helmet?

There are multiple ways to dispose of expired helmets rather than just throwing them away. You can use them for various things like turning them into hanging flower pots, creative storage baskets, painting them with your kids to have fun or donating them to your friends.

Is it safe to use an old motorcycle helmet?

Yes, we can use helmets for five years maximum. But if you have used your old bike helmets for less, you can donate them. Or even recycle it into many DIY projects before putting it into the trash. So why not give it a try!

Can old motorcycle helmets be recycled?

Yes completely. Suppose you are someone who still is on the verge of throwing the old bike helmet for now. Motorcycle helmet recycling is the best solution. You can recycle it on your own & share it with some recycle centres to make the use out of it.

What to do with expired motorcycle helmet?

After the expiration date of the motorcycle helmet, you can’t use them for rides. You can recycle them or cut off their straps to use in DIY projects or gardening. Put it in recyclable trash if you are really done with the helmet.

Can bike helmets be donated?

If your old bike helmet is not too old for throwing in the trash, you can donate it to your friends who avoid buying helmets or to the community centers that make good use of these old helmets in training teenagers while driving.


Coming to an end now, you don’t need to feel overwhelmed now with the questions that often pop up in your head, such as how to get rid of old motorcycle helmets? or what to do with old motorcycle helmets? You have our guide with terrific tips by your side that will help you revive your old memories of a journey, weekends, or travels into memorable ones. All the best!

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