What to do with expired helmets | 11 Things you can do

Almost everyone who participates in a sport or recreational activity will need a helmet at some point. Helmets are important pieces of safety equipment, and they should be replaced when they become worn or damaged. What to do with expired helmets?

Every year, millions of bike helmets are sold in the United States. However, what happens to all those helmets when they reach the end of their lifespan? In this blog post, we will explore what to do with expired helmets and provide some tips on how to keep your head safe while cycling. Read on to learn more!

When your motorcycle helmet is worn out or old, what should you do? You can either throw it away and end up in a landfill which will be costly for everyone involved or get creative with recycling services.

If you throw it away then that will lead only to a landfill. a local municipality cannot handle all of these expired helmets so they have been wondering how should we dispose of them appropriately. so the question raise what to do with expired helmets?  Read on to learn more!

The lifespan of a Helmet

Your helmet has a limited lifespan, so don’t spend extravagantly. As per industry standards they typically last five years before needing to be replaced or re-boxed and shipped back; even if you’ve only used it once for an accident didn’t cause any damage (although we recommend carefully packaging items that may have been physically impacted). If your regular wear date is more than six months away Boxers will do just fine!

Though the lifespan of a motorcycle helmet may vary depending on what it’s made out to be, there are some factors that determine how long your headgear will last. Factors such as quality and use can affect its lifecycle drastically; so consider these before buying new gear!

what to do with expired helmets?

So now that we know the average lifespan of a motorcycle helmet, what do we do when they reach their expiration date? Here are three popular options for getting rid of an old or expired helmet:

1. Recycle it:

Recycling your old helmet is a great way to give it a second life and keep it out of the landfill. You can check with your local recycling center to see if they accept motorcycle helmets. If they don’t, you can always donate it to a local charity or sell it online.

2. Donate it:

Donating your old helmet is a great way to help others in need. You can check with your local shelters or charities to see if they accept motorcycle helmets. If they don’t, you can always sell it online or recycle it.

3. Sell it:

Selling your old helmet is a great way to make some extra money. You can list it on sites like eBay or Craigslist. You can also check with your local motorcycle shops to see if they’re interested in buying it from you.

No matter what you do with your old helmet, make sure you recycle it, donate it, or sell it so that it doesn’t end up in a landfill.

4. Trade-In:

You can save some money on your new helmet purchase by trading in an old one. Check with retailers near you for trade-in deals and rebates offered from manufacturers that allow returns of expired products like helmets!

You should never trash a helmet without removing its straps. If your headgear is damaged or not in good shape, cut off the link and mend it with a hammer before discarding it altogether!

5. Helmet Art:

helmet art is a great way to show off your creativity and make an impression. You can create beautiful paintings or even sell the finished product online through sites like Etsy! There are tons of ideas waiting for you on the internet.

6. Old Helmet Exhibition:

helmet displays are a great way to show off your favorite helmets without being too cluttered. All you need is some shelves and space for each individual helmet in the display, which can be anywhere from the living room or gallery just make sure it’s out of sight!

With time these helmets will keep stacking up so enjoy them while they last by adding more storage units if needed

If you have a passion for collecting new helmets and love them all, the best way to manage your collection is by creating an awesome display that inspires visitors. You can, later on, add more shelf space if needed with time!

7. Create a Basket:

Helmets can be reused in unexpected ways! For example, you could transform your old helmet into an elegant wall hanging or basket for flowers. All it takes is removing the padding and adding potting mix – then strap them back on with wire or chain so they don’t fall off when not being used (especially if there are small children around).

8. Make it Into a Lamp:

Have you ever seen a football helmet transform into an office desk lamp? The great news is that if it’s dirty, just use some leather cleaner and veeg susceptor to get rid of the grime.

Once cleaned up nicely with these items or another appropriate cleaning solution; your old chic headgear can be polished using airbrush paint (for those who want their lampsasmically elegant).

You may even purchase kits available on Amazon at affordable prices which will help make designing simple!

9. Nesting Case:

You might be wondering what to do with an old helmet. Well, if you have a chicken coop at home and want it used as a nesting case then there is no need for repainting or renovating the exterior of your choice!

All that needs doing will depend on whether birds find entry easy enough into their new home – so make sure they can easily move about inside without feeling trapped in any way before using up space as this one does now.

10. Bird Feeder:

You can create a bird feeder or even dedicate it as an exclusive spot for your feathered friends. If you have squirrels around, they will most likely get fed from this too! 

A half shell helmet may be more suitable since wild birds seem to prefer standing on the edge and eating seeds while climbing inside with their claws out – ready to smack some into flight mode if needed (but not always).

11. Wall Plaque:

We all have that one helmet we love but cannot use anymore. Or maybe you’ve had an accident and can no longer ride a bike, so why even bother? Make it your pride to display!

The best way is hanging it up on a wall in-home or office where there are plenty of people coming by who will appreciate the sentiment behind this gift from an old friend-the worn-out tire track showing its worth after many years of service without fail every time they see themself reminders just how much has changed since then.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if my helmet got some scratches?

There is no need to worry, as long as the helmet isn’t structurally damaged, a few scratches won’t affect its safety.

What if my helmet is no longer comfortable to wear?

If your helmet is no longer comfortable to wear, it is probably time to replace it. helmets should be replaced every 3-5 years, depending on how often they are used.

What if the windscreen on my helmet has a crack?

If you have a crack in your motorcycle helmet’s windscreen, don’t panic! It doesn’t make sense to replace the whole thing just because there was some damage. What should really happen is that this issue gets fixed as soon as possible so it won’t be dangerous for whoever rides with an unsafe screen or visor attached

The best way I’ve found through my research has been getting repairs done right away before anything worse happens suchlike attracting dirt particles which could cause problems when visibility reduces during inclement weather conditions.

What if I can’t find the DOT code?

If you can’t find the DOT code on your helmet, it is probably time to replace it. The DOT code is required by law in the United States, and it ensures that your helmet meets the minimum safety standards.

Wearing a helmet is required by law in some states, so it is important to make sure that your helmet is up to date and meets the most recent safety standards. If you have any questions about your helmet, feel free to reach out in the comments below!

Should I replace my motorcycle helmet if it’s too tight?

If your motorcycle helmet is too tight, it might be time to replace it. A helmet that is too tight can cause headaches or dizziness, and it can be dangerous if it slips off while you are riding.


There are many different options for what to do with an old helmet. If you are no longer using it, you can repurpose it into a bird feeder, wall plaque, or even a garden planter. If the helmet is no longer safe to use, you can recycle it or donate it to a local recycling center.

You can also check with your local motorcycle shop to see if they offer a trade-in program for old helmets. Whatever you do with your old helmet, make sure that it is disposed of safely so that it does not pose a danger to others. So this is all about What to do with expired helmets.

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