How to store motorcycle helmet?

Getting the greatest helmet storage method is usually a terrific way to begin your riding trip.  Furthermore, helmets provide you with the confidence you need throughout your journey or riding session. In addition, it protects you from the negative effects on the road and can be the best partner in a ride. 

Similarly, while it is not protecting or defending you, make sure to protect it as it does to you.  However, realizing a wonderful approach to keeping your helmet safe and in good shape necessitates some thought process of how to store motorcycle helmet.

Not taking proper storage care of it and placing it carelessly anywhere might be bad for it. 

We have hence, listed some of the different ways that will guide you to learn how to store motorcycle helmets. 

What to consider when storing your motorcycle helmet?

If the helmet is used frequently, it needs to be air-conditioned to prevent mold from forming. 

Storing your helmet in the garage cannot be safe as, if stored for longer, can be damaged by small animals and insects. 

You should keep an eye on the temperature of your additional space. Also, make sure the helmet is kept in a controlled environment where it will not be harmed or catch rust. 

Motorcycle helmet storage 

Best ways that tell you how to store motorcycle helmet 

Padded Helmet bag 

If you wear your helmet frequently, a padded helmet bag can be ideal for storing it. It makes it easy to get to it. This is a good option to keep your helmet as it does not take up much room and is easily portable.

It is also a fantastic spot to keep your glasses and gloves for them to not get misplaced. It is simple to place it in and remove it from the bag

Helmet shelf 

You can install a wall shelf when it comes to helmet shelves. It is an inexpensive option for securing your expensive helmet. You do not need to do much work, as the shelves are sturdy and large enough to accommodate helmets and other things.

You will need to helmet mount a  wall shelf. As a result, you will need tools to ensure that it stays firmly fastened to your wall and can support the weightage. 

Even if assembling takes time and effort, it is simple enough to complete. Motorcycle helmet storage rack and helmet hooks 

If you are stressing over how to store motorcycle helmet, then one of the simplest methods is to keep it on a rack or helmet hanger. This is convenient since you can leave it and go away.  It also allows your helmet to breathe when you are not wearing it.

The rack, holder hook, or helmet hanger is the most basic method of storing your helmet. You can get both single and double hooks which are also a great display. 

Among these hacks, you must know that you should not hang your helmet on a nail. As it has the potential to cause damage to the inner padding as well as cause rust over time. To safeguard the inside of the helmet it is recommended that you use racks and hooks instead of nails. 

Motorcycle helmet shelf or helmet bay 

Helmet bays can be a great alternative for racks and hangers. The helmet can easily air out until you are ready to use it. Let us not get confused with helmet bays and shelves. As bays have edges protecting the helmet from falling or slipping down to the ground.

This will give you peace of mind by guaranteeing that your helmet will be under protective features no matter where it is placed. 

Helmet locker 

You may acquire a locker rather than a storage cabinet to place your helmet and other motorcycle gear or cycle gear. It can be used as a storage area for your riding gear. An amazing locker can accommodate all of your motorcycle gear or cycle gear and would look great in your garage or inside the home. 

Mannequin head 

Using a mannequin head to store your motorbike’s helmet is a unique yet interesting concept.  Children will love to see it. It is a terrific way to ensure that you never lose your helmet and is kept safe. However,

if you decide to go with the mannequin idea, you must know your head circumference, which will tell you whether your helmet will fit on the top. 

Moreover, it is recommended that you go for a child mannequin head which will be suitable for medium or big heads. 

Should you carry your motorcycle helmet with you? 

It is a good habit to carry your helmet with you. You can put it by removing your seat, where there is a hook to attach it. The metal ring of the helmet can be wrapped around it, and then your seat can be reinstalled.

This way is hard for anyone to steal the helmet. It can only be taken if they cut the helmet strap that will be a foolish move as it will also damage the helmet. 

You can also put your gloves inside the helmet while attaching them to the ring.

How to store helmet on the motorcycle ?

You can use several methods for storing the helmet such as hooks coat, shelves, bays,  mannequin method, and many more both in your garage and your home that keeps it safe. 

How to not store your motorcycle helmet?

Even though there are many storage methods to choose from, sometimes it’s better not to use certain methods. How do you keep your motorcycle helmets? How do you store them at home? How do you keep your headgear clean and in good condition for the next ride?

Well, first of all, let’s cover what you shouldn’t do with your bike helmet:

1. Do not lean bike helmet on the side or upside down, it can damage its shell shape or structure

2. Do not put any heavy object on top of the headdress

3. Avoid high-temperature exposure (do not leave under the sun)

4. Don’t allow moisture or humidity to come into contact with protective gear

5. It is also advisable to keep clear of pets and children

6. How not store your helmet? Be sure not to place near or in contact with sharp objects! How do you protect your headgear from that type of damage? How do you store motorcycle helmets without a holder? Share with us in the comments section below!

How to store motorcycle helmets without a holder?

Using shelves, and racks, overhead storage boxes, and lockers are some of the ways, how to store motorcycle helmet. You probably have a motorcycle helmet holder, but what if you don’t? How to store motorcycles helmets at home then?

Or maybe you just put your motorbike helmet on the ground or flooring. It is not recommended because it can damage its shell and structure. How do you store this kind of equipment so that it doesn’t accumulate dust and keep its original form?

Here is a step by step instructions on how to properly store your motorbike’s helmet without a dedicated storage device:

1. Put the bike helmet inside a bag made of fabric like a denim jacket. This will protect the external layer (shell). You can use gloves inside the bag to avoid fingerprints when touching an external package.

2. Fold mirror visor down using both hands; pinch the hinge in the middle and slowly push it down until it’s nearly flat.

3. Secure the visor by inserting the strap under the chin area. Attach the main strap by ensuring both ends of snap hook are safely attached to helmet ring, so they won’t get lost during storage.

4. Grip rear cap firmly, twist and pull out the tab at one time rotating it 90 degrees counterclockwise, facing downward before taking off rear cap; this way you’ll avoid dropping parts when removing bolt hold on another side. Once removed, check inside for any dirt or dust that can affect shell performance later on if stored uncleaned too long

5. Wipe front and back surfaces clean with a dry cloth then attach face shield making sure bow is inserted into housing ring.

6. Store helmets in a safe place out of reach from children and pets, if you want to be 100% sure nobody will mess around with your helmet, use a helmet lock for additional safety. How do you store your bike helmets without a stand? Share your ideas in the comments section below!

Where to store motorcycle helmet?

Storing your bike helmet in a safe location will not only protect its durability but also help to prevent dirt and sweat from accumulating on the outside. You can store it anywhere, like under lockers at school or steel cabinets inside homes-just make sure you don’t leave it out for too long!

Benefits of storing your motorcycle helmet indoors:

The benefits of keeping your helmet inside depend on the environment. For example, an indoor space will preserve it from getting wet and dusty which can cause damage over time as well as prevent any dirt or snow from settling into cracks between panels.

Helmets should be stored in environments without changes such as humidity levels because these could lead to rusting with corrosion being one potential outcome if left unchecked; another issue is condensation that may form when the air becomes too moistened by its own liquids due for instance through sweating during hot weather conditions (a bicycle riders worst nightmare!). It

How do I store motorcycle gear?

The importance of caring for your motorcycle clothing cannot be overstated. A lack in maintenance will decrease the lifespan and quality of use, which is why it’s vital to know how best to clean these items when necessary or store them properly if not performing any cleaning efforts yourself;

this way you can maximize their longevity while still having fun on two wheels all summer long! To find out more tips like these make sure to head down today – we’ve compiled some great information right here about maintaining gear from every major manufacturer including Honda (our favorite) along with Kawasaki & Yamaha too

How do I carry my motorcycle helmet when I’m off the bike?

It’s always a good idea to take care of your bike helmet, even after you’ve finished riding. There are many ways that it can be safely transported and stored away for the next time you need one! One option is slipping into any backpack or duffel bag; another may be purchasing an extra durable motorcycle carrying case like ours at Motorcycle Gear City Online Store –

We have everything from affordable prices to all-inclusive shipping rates so don’t worry about anything not being in stock when ordering today!.

Last but not least if safety matters most then make sure this important accessory has never been more protected by putting on gloves first while holding onto earmuffs too just because nothing feels quite as satisfying knowing they’re there should something happen out in public roads

Storage Buyer’s Guide

Helmet storage doesn’t need a fill. It’s more a question about convenience and protection. Both these factors should be considered when determining where to store your helmet. Let’s go through everything you have to contemplate before jumping into the storage options.

Frequently asked questions 

How long do unused motorcycle helmets last? 

As with anything, deterioration happens over a period of time, and most experts agree that the average helmet will need to be replaced after five years of usage. The five-year rule refers to how long something has been in use, not how long it has been in existence. 

Can you store helmets in the garage? 

Helmets can usually be damaged when kept in a garage and the breathability decreases there.  To avoid this, always store your helmet higher from the ground level, keep it may be on the topmost storage cabinet or in a suitable coat rack with garage accessories.

Utilize it with a  helmet security guard. Moreover, avoid placing the helmet on any surface that you expect to become damp at any moment. 

How do you store your motorcycle helmet? 

Keeping the helmet from dust and wet areas as it could be damaged easily if comes in easy contact with them. By keeping, it inside the home or garage on racks, lockers, storage cabinets, shelves, etc. instead of a surface with direct sunlight to maintain the life expectancy of the helmet over a period of time. This is how to store a motorcycle helmet.

Can it still be stolen if locked to a motorcycle?

For a thief with the right tools, it can be very easy to cut the strap or to remove just one part of the bike. If you don’t mind leaving it overnight take your helmet inside.

Locks are a great way to keep everything safe during shopping or for lunch at a restaurant. It can also keep thieves who saw it unlocked in their house from entering the vehicle without even trying.

But as we have said, even if you’re an ordinary person without the proper tools and time to yourself you’ll likely leave wearing a helmet. It’s almost unlikely that somebody will steal your bike, but the gear left on it is a possible target.

Helmet hooks and a rack for storing motorbike helmets?

One of the simplest methods to keep your helmet or several helmets is to get a helmet rack or hanging. It’s fantastic that you can simply walk away from it. It also enables your helmet to breathe when it is not used. It merely has to be secured to the wall for you to put your helmet on.

Why can’t you hang your helmet on a nail? Your helmet will be harmed by a staple. Corrosion and the eventual deterioration of the interior cushioning are potential consequences. To maintain the integrity of the helmet’s inside, I advise paying a little extra money. One useful motorcycle helmet storage option combines a helmet hook with a motorcycle helmet bag. 

Simply slip your helmet inside your bag to protect it, then hang it from the curve for convenient storage. This space-saving helmet storage option will keep it clean while taking up very little space. Watch this video to learn about the materials you’ll need to make a motorcycle helmet rack and to get a good idea of how it may appear in your garage.

Helmet bay or a motorcycle helmet shelf?

Helmet racks and hangers may be easily replaced with a helmet bay or shelf. What sets a helmet bay apart from a frame? This will ease your mind by ensuring that your helmet will stay safe regardless of where you place your bay.

Storage cabinet for motorcycle helmets?

Perhaps you don’t want others to see your helmet. The best approach may be to store your helmet in a cupboard. Additionally, it provides a more significant barrier against debris and other possible hazards for your helmet. Using a cabinet to keep your motorcycle helmet organised helps keep your space looking cleaner and more organised overall. You may also store your glasses and gloves in this cabinet.


Your primary goal is to protect yourself by wearing a suitable helmet. An efficient way of storing the integrity in it and protecting it from damage, you’ll want an extra one if your price tag isn’t too high because there are no cheap motorcycles!

Storing them properly will help avoid having to buy another new one especially since they’re not cheap at all – Proper storage methods can make sure that your old gear lasts longer than expected while also helping with comfort when on the go

Your first priority should always be safety which includes wearing protection like motorcycle helmets. It’s crucial for riders everywhere who may lack access or resources otherwise available but still wish

It is greatly important to take care of your helmet when not in use as, the little damages can put you in problems such as if the padding of the helmet gets affected, you are affected.  Hence, above are the ways, how to store motorcycle helmets that you should follow.

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