How to reduce wind noise motorcycle helmet

We all are exposed to wind noise while riding bikes on highways or driving for long hours at high speeds. Wind noise generally increases the sound inside the helmet to higher levels ( Above 100 dB).

Now, you must be thinking about why it is so necessary but think of listening to loud music regularly for 3 to 4 hours. It can be damaging right! You don’t want to cause yourself any hearing impairment, fatigue, or hearing loss. Readout our quick tips on how to reduce wind noise motorcycle helmets.

What Is Wind Noise?

Wind noise is a phenomenon that you might come across when the wind enters into the helmet from the front or freeways provided for ventilation and produce a lot of whizzing sound. It might not affect you initially but when you listen to it while driving for long hours at high speed, it will damage your ears.

This means that we need to reduce motorcycle helmet noise. Let’s find out what factors affect the change in wind noise.

Essential Tips To Remember About How To Reduce Wind Noise Motorcycle Helmet

Most people now must be eager to know what they need to do if they are already using a helmet & want to reduce wind noise in motorcycle helmets. Here are some suggestions that you should follow to cut on helmet wind noise.

  1. Find yourself a perfect fit of the helmet so that no more wind will surround your head to create noise. You will get maximum comfort or security. This way, you will realize that the wind entering is very low after wearing a well-fitted helmet.
  2. Suppose you have a helmet that always produces a lot of wind noise. Then we suggest you buy a wind blocker that covers your neck & half face. It will cover all the extra spaces you have in your helmet to eliminate wind noise & give your neck an additional support.
  3. You should use earplugs that come on the market and fit into most ears. It will instantly protect your ear from the whizzing sound of wind at high speed.
  4. Always try to buy full-face helmets because they act as a helmet wind blocker. They prevent the winds from entering the helmets & make the helmet quieter.
  5. How can I make my motorcycle helmet quiet? You must cover your head or ears with scarves or cover your cheeks with fleece to prevent wind from entering or creating any disturbance near your ears.
  6. You can try face masks in your helmet. They will also make a difference that you can’t even imagine. It will not let any dirt, smoke, or wind enter your helmets, which is a total win.
  7. Always choose the helmet that comes with a strong & well-fitted visor so that whenever you drive at high speeds, it will never let the strong winds disturb you. It will totally cover your face against these strong winds.
  8. Adjust the windshield you are using while riding your motorcycle. If it’s heightened to a level, you don’t need to worry about airflow over your head, as it will easily save you from any intense noise.

Factors Affecting The Frequency Of Wind Noise

Motorcycle helmet noise will create a harmful effect on your ears in the long run, but there are various factors that affect the frequency of wind noise. You can consider any of the factors to make a considerable amount of change in the entering wind. Our guide on how to reduce wind noise motorcycle helmet will surely help you.

Type Of Helmet: Full face open or one-fourth open helmets provide a large area open for entering the air that ultimately creates wind noise. You should choose a full-face helmet while working on eliminating wind noise in a motorcycle helmet.

The Number Of Vents Or Venting Space: Venting space offers an outlet for proper circulation to pass the air outside the helmets from inside. The more the number of vents, the more air can enter the helmet to cause noise.

How Much Wind Your Visor Can Block: The quality and durability of the material used in the visor determine how much wind your visor can block from entering the helmet. If it’s made of cheap material, you are more exposed to wind noise.

Outside Design Of The Motorcycle Helmet: Aerodynamics plays a vital role in wind noise reduction. If the helmet’s designed in such a way that it cannot resist strong wind or turbulence, then it is obvious that your helmet will produce a lot of wind noise.

If you keep these factors in mind while buying a new motorcycle helmet, you can eliminate wind noise in bike helmet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all motorcycle helmets have wind noise?

Yes, all motorcycle helmets have wind noise. The more the area is exposed to wind, the more it will cause wind noise. The wind noise can rise to the level of 100 dB, creating the ailment of hearing impairment.

How do you deal with wind on a motorcycle?

While riding, you need to maintain that wind should go less against your motorbike. You can cover most of the area that is exposed to air for creating turbulence. Keep your speed average & your arms or legs closed to the motorcycle.

Is it hard to ride a motorcycle in the wind?

Yes, strong winds or crosswinds can have a lot of effects on the motorcycle while riding. Winds will push you to other lanes & create disturbance in driving. It also affects your riding speed as well.

Is 20 mph wind strong for motorcycles?

20mph wind is considered robust for lightweight vehicles. But for the heavy-weight vehicle, the wind from 20-30 mph or 40 mph is deemed to be average while driving. The wind of 45 mph will be strong for heavy-weight motorcycles.

Which is the best motorcycle helmet to reduce wind noise?

There are different full-face helmets with the best designs that are available in the market. But here are some of the best motorcycle helmet suggestions that work in reducing wind noise: Shoei-RF-1200, Schuberth C4 Pro, Arai Signet-X, HJC-RPHA-11 Pro, or Shark Evo One 2.


Irritation due to the wind noise differs from person to person. If you find it disturbing, our suggestions on how to reduce wind noise motorcycle helmets will help you save your ears from future hearing loss. Riders are intended to hear such wind noises as they don’t feel much disturbance. But as discussed above, it can adversely affect some people. So, you can choose any precautions wisely according to your needs.

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