How to make your helmet last longer?

What do you think about motorcycle helmet expiration? We believe that every gear comes with an expiry date no matter how old it is or how many good charms it has for you. The same applies to motorcycle helmets. We all wear them while riding every day, but have you thought about how old your helmet is or how to make your helmet last longer? Let’s save all your time by providing you with a detailed guide on all the quick tips you can do.

How Long Are Motorcycle Helmets Good For?

Let’s find out what experts need to say. Yes, the SNELL Foundation states that everybody must replace their helmets every five years. The average lifespan of the motorcycle helmet is considered between 3 to 5 years. We know that many motorcyclists spend a lot of money to buy their accessories & take care of them. They always appear new, but according to certified measures, it is necessary to replace the old helmets after motorcycle helmet expiration.

If you are new to buying motorcycle helmets, Snell Memorial Foundation is the organization that provides the standards for high-quality helmets. They have different generic opinions, which justify that after a long lifespan of 5 years, you are ready to say goodbye to your old helmet.

Here are those factors which are listed below:

  1. The helmet material starts to tear down after the bike helmet expiration date. It means that the material used in the helmet for your safety can no longer be trusted.
  2. Due to every advancement in technology or design of helmets, they believe that new helmets have better safety standards than the old ones.
  3. Your helmets get exposed to uncountable attributes such as oil, dirt, cold or hot environments, making them weak with time.

How To Check Motorcycle Helmet Expiry Date?

Check the production stamp over the helmet to find the exact expiration date, and if the date of manufacture is more than five years, then it is preferable to replace your helmet.

Tips On How Do You Preserve A Helmet Before Expiry

How to make your helmet last longer?

Follow these simple tips to easily maintain the quality of your helmets. These tips will not only increase the life of your helmets but surely helps you in increasing the durability during the initial three years. Let’s have a look:

1. Buy a high-quality helmet bag:

Regular scratches, frequent knocks, or poor maintenance can affect the durability of your helmet’s strength. Ultimately it will deteriorate the quality of the helmet.

We suggest you buy a helmet protection bag that helps you carry your helmet anywhere without any risks. The mesh storage of the bag offers protection to all the gears you use so that these things will last longer.

2. Clean Your Helmet On Regular Basis:

We all use helmets on a regular basis. So, you are very well aware that helmets take a lot like sweat, dust particles, or dirt. These dust particles will mix up with the gel or oil we use and settle down on our heads or neck.

It can cause skin irritations or rashes. We suggest you clean your helmets regularly to remove all the layer that gets settled down in the inner side of the helmet

3. Proper Storage Space For Helmets:

What is the use of cleaning your helmet if you don’t store them properly? It would help if you kept your helmet to get dry with proper airflow. Dampness or moisture in your helmet can become an appropriate place for bacterial growth.

You need to store the helmets properly to maintain overall hygiene or protection of your head.

4. Restore The Helmet Visors

Visors shield your eyes from dust, dirt, or any harsh light. If the visors of your helmet have scratches, you should replace them with the new one. Old visors can make you unsure while driving, which is risky.

5. Padding Inside Of Helmet Worn Out

Some people might not take it seriously when the inner padding of the helmet gets worn out. They think it’s normal to and what would happen if the helmet got slightly loose. But replacing the old padding with the new one will ensure that your helmet fits you nicely.

6. Protect Your Helmet From UV Rays

Our helmets are exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays when we use them daily. It will damage the helmet’s outer shell, which will cause the color of the helmet to fade away. You can change the outer shell of your helmet or protect them with UV inhibitors.

These tips with our guide on how to make your helmet last longer will preserve your motorcycle from minor everyday changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do bike helmets expire?

Yes, the bike helmets do have an expiration date. No matter if you’re using them once a week or on a daily basis. You should get them replaced every five years. Our helmets are exposed to harsh sunlight, cold weather, or monsoon, making their material weak to protect you.

How often should I change my helmet?

The average time is three to five years to change your helmet or get it replaced, excluding the fact that it has faced any strong crash or accident. One should get a new helmet suggested by manufacturers or safety standard foundations after a crash.

How to tell if a motorcycle helmet is still good?

There are multiple factors. You can consider that helmet pads are good, have a strong head structure, or are used for very little time. If you think your helmet can survive any big hit because if it’s not then, it can do serious damage to your head.

How do I protect my motorcycle helmet?

You can buy a good-quality helmet bag to keep your motorcycle helmet. This way, you can keep away your helmet or visors scratch-free. You can also use different cleaning cloths or liquids to clean them regularly.

Should you wax a motorcycle helmet?

You can use wax on your helmet once you clean the helmet from dust particles. It will give it a more polished look. Any liquid detergent or soft cloth will help you to get rid of dirt. Avoid wax on the motorcycle helmet with a matte finish.


Remember the five years rules recommendation is the general advice to replace your bike helmets on time. But if you feel that your helmet is no longer strong to protect you, buy a new helmet with proper certifications. On the other hand, we have also provided your tips on how to make your helmet last longer. These will help keep your helmet so that it can easily go through the daily impact.

But if you observe any cracks, faded colors, wear and tears on chin straps, or scratches on visors, try to replace the helmet before the five years plan. We hope our guide will help you with all the queries on when to replace your motorcycle helmets. For more, stay tuned!

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