How To Make A Motorcycle Helmet Fit Better

While driving or before hitting the road, one of the topmost precautions is to use the right helmet for yourself. Most times, you must be thinking that should helmet be tight or loose? Or how to make a motorcycle helmet fit better? Today as an expert, we will be answering all your doubts.

With the booming new designs, varieties, or brands of bike helmets in the market, you often might get confused about deciding on a comfortable bike helmet. Is it the straps of your helmet, the size of your head, or the shape of the helmet? But sometimes it makes it hard to find the perfect one. Let’s solve all your concerns one by one. Let’s dig in.

Issues With Choosing Wrong Size Of Your Motorcycle Helmet

People are facing multiple issues while wearing their motorbike helmets. So, how to tell if motorcycle helmet fits while buying the helmet. Firstly let’s discuss some of the major issues:

  1. Loose Fitting Helmets: When you put the helmet on your head, but even after enclosing the straps, you can move your head in every direction, or if you push the helmet backward, it slips from the head, which is dangerous while riding.
  1. Tight Fitting Helmets: This is the situation when you generally put your helmet & slips with a little push, but after wearing it for at least 15 to 20 minutes, you feel extreme pressure on your head & start causing headaches.

Both issues will be fatal for you while riding a bike. Now you want to know how to make a motorcycle helmet fit better or, if it’s loose from your cheeks, how to make the helmet fit tighter. Let’s find out now!

Easy Techniques On How To Make A Motorcycle Helmet Fit Better

There are multiple techniques to follow on how to make a tight motorcycle helmet fit better and you will never end up buying the wrong helmet to make yourself uncomfortable. Let’s begin now!

  1. Find The Right Shape Or Size Of Your Head:

We know that you might hear it multiple times to find the appropriate size or shape of your head. But it’s true. You can easily find the size with the measuring tape or define the shape as well, whether it is round, oval, or long oval.

After choosing the proper size, you can easily check the size charts available for the helmets of different brands. It will make things easy for you to match the size of your head & find the perfect helmet.

  1. How Tight Should A Full-face Helmet Be?

If it’s too tight, we have a solution for you. You can remove some extra padding, or some helmets use the expandable material if pressure is applied. You can put some water sprays and apply pressure with your head to adjust the sizing.

Different sized items can also be placed in the helmet to expand its size until you get the best results.

  1. Adjustable Side Straps Will Make Helmet Size Better

To ensure the helmet’s perfect size, you can adjust the side straps to make your helmet fit properly on your head.

Almost every motorcycle has it, and you can adjust it to the comfortable sizing to avoid the situation of falling or loose helmets during riding. Don’t make it too tight.

  1. Check The Helmet Position Or Size Before Buying

Before buying the helmet, always check the position of the helmet on your after wearing it. If it’s getting tilted to one direction or blocking the side view, buy another one.

You should have a distance of two fingers only between the helmet or the eyebrows so that it will sit properly on your head.

  1. Buckle Up Your Chin Straps

How to make a motorcycle helmet fit tighter? The answer is Chin Straps. They are equally important as side straps. You want an ideal fit. Right! But do remember the material of the side straps should be soft.

Don’t make it too tight, keep a distance of one finger between the chin strap & your chin to have a comfortable fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are motorcycle helmets supposed to be tight?

Correct measurement does not state that helmets should be tight. According to the study, neither the motorcycle should be tight nor too loose. If you feel pressure around your head rather than a helmet comfortably surrounding your head, then it’s the wrong helmet.

How do you fix or loosen a tight motorcycle helmet?

Yes, custom-made liners are the one & only solution if you are finding how to stretch a motorcycle helmet. You can add more liner to your motorbike helmet or remove the extra padding when required for fixing how to fit a motorcycle helmet properly.

What happens if your motorcycle helmet is too small?

The most important sign of finding the helmet is too small when you feel uncomfortable or have a headache. Red marks on your head, difficult to wear & tight on the headband. The helmet should fit properly on your head.

Should a motorcycle helmet squeeze your cheeks?

No, a right motorcycle helmet will not squeeze your cheeks. The helmet should fit your head so that it provides the right cushioning to your cheeks without any pain or red marks on your cheek area.

How is a motorcycle helmet supposed to fit?

Make sure that your helmet sits perfectly on your head & snugs your headband all around. It should be a little firm around your forehead. Hold your helmet and try to move your head in every direction; your cheeks should be comfortable with padding.

How tight should a motorcycle helmet chin strap be?

You can adjust the motorcycle helmet with the straps that come with it. You can make it a little tight or loose but always remember that there should be a distance of two-finger between your chin & the adjusting straps.


Once you find the perfect helmet according to the shape & size of your head, try to wear it a few times at home before wearing it on the actual ride. When you wear it regularly for a few days, the motorcycle helmet adapts to your headband or face to avoid any difficulty during the ride.

When you get normalized with your new helmet, go for a ride to test whether all your techniques on how to make a motorcycle helmet fit better work or not? Do share these techniques with your friends.

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