How to maintain hairstyle while wearing helmet?

Bike helmets are one of the most protective gear that we all get used to, no matter how much it messes up with our hair. Bike riders are fully aware of the messy hair after wearing helmets. So, in this article, we will provide you with a simple solution on how to maintain hairstyle while wearing helmets.

Biker riders often face many problems such as excess heat production & sweat after wearing helmets that will damage your hair. Along with that wearing a helmet will also cause you flat hair that wreck your hairstyle permanently.

Long Term Issues Faced Due To Messy Hair

Wearing helmets for long duration or time intervals creates a problem of flat hair which ultimately ruins your hair in the long run. Here are the issues that you will face:

Excessive Hair Loss: Continuous pressure for a long time on your hair roots weakens them that ultimately pulls out the hair roots. You can face the hair problems of Alopecia or baldness.

Sweating, Dryness, Or Extra Moisture: Our scalp produces a lot of oil or sweat while wearing a helmet, resulting in a flaky or dry scalp. It will create a hair issue of dandruff with significant hair loss.

Challenging To Manage Your Hair: Once you get flat hair, it is complicated to manage & you will not be able to achieve a perfect hairstyle in the future.

Easy & Quick Motorcycle Hairstyles For Everyone

Helmet Friendly Hairstyles For Women

  • Loose or Braided Ponytails
  • The Half-Up Tuck
  • Low Ponytail
  • Classic Bun
  • The Plait
  • Braided or Twisted Buns

Helmet Friendly Hairstyles For Guys

  • Gradient Hair Cut
  • Crew Cut
  • Short Hairstyle

How To Keep Your Hair Looking Good When Wearing A Helmet?

We don’t suggest that you should not wear helmets to look stylish, which will be dangerous. On the other hand, we are going to provide you with some tips that help your hair looks good with minor damage even after wearing the helmet:

  1. You need to follow helmet friendly hairstyles for guys or women, such as short hairstyles, or create a ponytail, braided tails with cotton cloth in order to avoid hair loss due to helmets.
  2. You should wear or remove a helmet with the help of fasteners. Always remove the fastener & follow the circular motion to remove or wear a helmet to avoid getting damaged hair.
  3. Always buy a helmet that correctly fits your head so that after fastening the helmet, it will not rub over your hair. Otherwise, it will create the problem of hair loss.
  4. If you have long hair, you need to tie it up in a long braid to avoid the helmet’s dirt or oil accumulating over the scalp. You can use dry shampoo or gels as well to prevent excessive oil.

How to maintain a hairstyle while wearing helmet?

There are several ways to maintain a hairstyle after wearing the helmet. You must be surprised how it is possible or want to learn how to avoid helmet hair for guys? We have mentioned some of the simple hacks that you can use to keep your hairstyle in place, even with regular use.

Here are the hacks for motorcycle hairstyles:

  1. Your hair should be completely dry before wearing the helmet. Even if they are damp, dry them thoroughly.
  2. If you dry your hair with a dryer, before wearing the helmets, try to keep your hair at room temperature to avoid messy or tangled hair.
  3. Try to use the hair styling gels or moisturizers in a small amount to avoid adding to the hairstyles with oily, dirt, or sweat due helmet.
  4. Use hair volumizer sprays with less hair damaging chemicals to keep your hairstyle at the place & add volume to your flat hair.
  5. Keep a hairbrush with yourself. But if you find yourself in a difficult situation where you need to spend hours combing your hair, use Silicon Combs.
  6. You can use antistatic oils or agents on your hair to prevent the problem of flying hair or static hair.
  7. You can add an extra layer of cotton cloth in between your helmet or hair so that your hair will not be sweaty or smelly.
  8. Always wear your helmet correctly. Wearing it in the wrong way can damage your hair completely.
  9. If volume sprays don’t work for you, you can try a head massage with different oils for 30 seconds. It automatically adds volume to your hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a helmet mess up your hair?

Yes, they do mess up your hair. According to medical science, helmets do not cause any hair loss if you use them for long hours. But due to the dirt, sweat, or moisture generated in the helmet will force the issue of hair loss & traction of Alopecia.

Does a helmet cause dandruff?

Not wearing helmets doesn’t cause any dandruff. We suggest you use anti-dandruff shampoo or products that keep your hair smooth & less sticky to dirt or sweat accumulated on the scalp while wearing helmets on motorbikes.

Is Wearing A Motorcycle Helmet Bad For Your Hair?

Yes, it will pull out your hair roots to move along towards the direction where your helmets move. This is why we are advised to wear helmets of proper fit. When you wear a helmet for long hours, it will cause the issue of Alopecia.

How to take care of hair while wearing helmet?

Wear a cotton scarf on your head before wearing a helmet. It will help you in two ways. Firstly, it will absorb all the sweat produced on the scalp or effectively reduce all the hair loss. Wash the cloth regularly for extra precaution.

Are there any helmets that don’t mess up hair?

There are no such helmets that don’t mess up your hair. It’s completely untrue. Even if you don’t wear a helmet, wind or pollution will cause excessive damage to your hair. So, washing or styling your hair only helps you solve how to avoid helmet hair, guys.

Conclusion A polished look is critical when you go to the office, important meetings, or events. You can’t go everywhere with a messy hairstyle after wearing a helmet. Our several tips on how to maintain hairstyle while wearing helmet will save you from unexpected personality damage every day.

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