How To Keep Rain Off Motorcycle Helmet Visor | 6 best Ways

Raining on the way often becomes troubling for motorcyclists to have a clear sight ahead because their helmet’s visor is exposed to the rainwater which disrupts the vision. If you don’t know how to keep rain off motorcycle helmet visor, it will disable you to look ahead as a consequence of which it can lead to an accident.

Thereupon, it becomes indispensable to deal with it properly. Some helmets have a shade above the visor that often keeps the rain away from the shield. But this is not found in every helmet so in the end, you will surely need a cleaning method. This article presents the most effective ways to keep the visor clear from rainwater. Reading into its entirety will enable you to identify the method feasible for you.

6 ways to keep the visor clear in rain:

You may come across several hacks to render the visor clear in rain, but they all are not necessarily fruitful. Be mindful that the helmet’s quality also matters in making them useful. Profound analysis and users’ experience reflect that the following described methods are the most valid. With a little investment, you can earn the comfort of riding in varying weather conditions. Let’s delve into each scheme. 

Mount Electric Wiper on the helmet 

In the context of how to keep rain off motorcycle helmet visor, this might be strange for you if you haven’t heard about it before because it is not as common. Nonetheless, its function is really phenomenal. This mini electric wiper works like a car windshield wiper to keep the rainwater off the glass. 

But, it is very tiny and mounted on the motorcycle helmet’s outer shell above the visor. Since it is electrical, it consists of a battery that needs to be charged in order to work well.

The battery is covered and made waterproof because it is exposed to the weather. All you need to do is just push the button and it is all set to rain off helmet visor. Notably, it is not automatic

The button is located on the wiper’s heart where the battery is fixed. Once you are done with wiping, again push the button to stop the wiper’s movement. 

This system is incredibly extraordinary and assures the perfect water removal as well. You will also not need to use gloves recurrently to remove the rainwater. 

However, there are also some limitations of this instrument such as;

  • The wiper can scratch the visor.
  • The to and fro motion of the tiny wiper can obstruct the vision. 

Apply an anti-rain film on the visor

With one large or two small films you can coat an anti-rain layer on the visor. This will work distinguishably and keep that visor area water-clear. The rain will fall but no water streaks will prevail because that area will act like a water-resistant and repel the water. Resultantly, coated area of helmet visor will remain crystal clear to show you a clear outside view. 

However, the uncoated area may get blurry and watery but that will not be problematic because you will be smart enough to apply the film mainly to the area which gives the front view. 

To apply this raincoat, clean the visor surface properly. Do not touch the inner side of the visor otherwise, fingerprints will get printed annoying sight. Just paste the film and give it a shot. This is how to keep rain off motorcycle helmet visor.

You will find a clear difference in the coated and uncoated surface in the wet environment provided the film is the best of its kind.

Spritz a Visor rain repellent

Like an anti-rain film, a water repellent also keeps the rain off the visor due to its hydrophobic properties that enable it to shed water. 

Clean the visor well and spritz the visor rain repellant over the surface. Then, spread the sprayed liquid evenly all around with a clean cloth. 

The precautions of visor rain repellent are similar to that of film coating such as washing well before spraying to remove all the dust and grime from the surface. Also, avoid touching the inner side that will become smudged. 

Move the head aside to blow off the water

This method is the easiest one because it costs nothing. You do neither have to mount any device nor apply anything. Just move your head to a side and let the air do its work. What will it do, simply take the water drops off with it. The surface will not become completely clean but you will get the maximum area of visor clear in rain.

This is a bit risky to practice on a crowded route so try to do this only when the road is clear or less trafficked.  

Integrate a Pinlock insert visor

This is a method in which a lens or visor is attached to the built-in helmet visor through the pins. Between both of these visors, the air gets trapped to act as an insulator. The pin-lock insert visor takes all the rainwater without letting it reach the helmet visor inside. 

The capability of absorbing moisture in the pin-lock visor is because of its hydrophobic material. 

This is undoubtedly one of the functional technologies for keeping the rain off the visor. However, you need to have a pin lock-ready visor or else it cannot be integrated.

Put on a glove squeegee

If you wear gloves while riding, add this simple squeegee to your safety gear to have your visor clear in rain. This is a small finger-size rubber wiper that is sold to be put on the index finger for wiping out the water from the visor. 

Usually, cold weather gloves that are used in foggy and cold conditions to prevent numbness, already have such a small rubber side.

However, separate visor wipers have been found more applicable because their material and design are made specifically for making the rain off helmet visor. 

Since rubber dries quickly, it will dry out very soon implying that it will stay ready to squeegee the visor recurrently. 


You have come to know the efficient ways how to keep rain off motorcycle helmet visor. None of them is based on assumptions rather all are used widely with positive feedback. You can opt for the one that suits your budget, preference, and helmet. Whatever, you find suitable will certainly work well. 


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