how to keep motorcycle helmet from fogging

When individual purchases or replaces a helmet then there are several aspects to consider such as air circulation, ventilation, and breathability. Unfortunately, some helmets fog up in a  little time during a ride, because of its design factors. These factors can impede vision and endanger rider safety, thus increasing the risk of an accident.

It is as infuriating as driving in the rain with fogged glass that obstructs your visibility putting you in danger. Moreover, if you are short-sighted, your danger is multiplied as the fog blurs your pair of glasses as well. Therefore, this post provides some ways to know how to keep motorcycle helmet from fogging. 

1. Remove any nose or neck guards 

You should make sure that your helmet is sufficiently vented to avoid sweating while riding.  To achieve this, be sure to take off all of your neck buffs to provide room for exhaled air to let out. A nose guard is included with a few helmets and can be used to deflect breathed air away from the visor. 

2. Open the helmet vents 

To optimize proper ventilation, you should ensure opening all the vents of the helmet.  Widening the window will let all of the air escape your helmet providing a comfortable ride.  The wind might assist you in releasing all the unanticipated mists while you ride at a high speed. 

3. Open the visor 

One of the many ways to stop fogging is to open your visor when you stop for gas or at a  traffic signal. Opening the visor improves ventilation and breathability. This is, simply accomplished because a city is guaranteed to involve numerous stops and long road drives.  Similarly, road travel should constantly incorporate a few comfort stops to refresh and recoup.  

4. Go for pin lock 

Behind your primary screen, there will be another glass shield to divide the two pieces and prevent any air emitted from penetrating the second visor. This can be a novel way for daily riders. However, it is not compatible with all types of screens. A replacement screen is usually more expensive than a pin lock. 

Pin locks are commercially available and can be easily installed on your visor. This can be a  great solution if you are figuring out how to keep your motorcycle helmet from fogging. You will most likely toss out your current helmet in favor of a newer helmet series, which will be compatible with the pin lock. 

Additionally, a fog stop is available for helmets without a pin lock. It is meant to stick on the inside of any visor and works just as well as a pin lock. 

5. Use respro foggy mask 

An instrument for controlling and resolving the air expelling from your nose. This mask will cover your nose and mouth. It can be an affordable option than the pin lock option. However,  it does not work the same with flip-up helmets. 

6. Anti-fog solution

Anti-fog permanent coating can be closely comparable to hydrophobic sprays. These are inside of your visor, where condensation can build up and hamper visibility in chilly and rainy weather. You should apply it being careful not to leave out any streaks that would further obstruct visibility. 

These treatments operate by evaporating the carrier and leaving a thin layer of hydrophilic chemical surfactant on your visor after you have coated it. The hydrophilic layer soaks up the water and the surfactant spreads it out evenly and thinly enough to be transparent. 

It can be more expensive than the other anti-fogging chemicals, however, works well and lasts longer. As it requires a very thin layer and a single application can last for days providing you solution of how to keep motorcycle helmets from fogging. 

7. Warm-up your glasses 

Warming up your glasses is one of the solutions- how to keep motorcycle helmet from fogging. Increasing the temperature of the drinks will eliminate any temperature discrepancies between the temperature and our warmer body temperature, which will have an impact on your glasses. Warm up your motorcycle and return home using this strategy. 

You can put your spectacles on a hot radiator while wearing your helmet. Before returning to your bike in the chilly weather, put on the heated glasses and close the visor. During the journey, your glasses will stay warm and will not fog up. 

Using best anti-fogging solutions- lenses and sprays

The anti-fogging lenses are coated to prevent condensation and the development of minute water droplets. Anti-fog compounds can thus be applied to visors. You can also apply the anti-fog spray on your visor before embarking on any excursion. 

Using water repelling methods

The use of water repellents is another good anti-fogging technique. Here chemicals are used in the water repellents to keep your helmet from fogging up. This can be also used to clean the glasses or eyeglasses in addition to using them for your helmet. 

Use a hose between the vents 

While thinking about how to keep motorcycle helmet from fogging, you can even consider a  hose. You can cut a hole in one portion of the helmet broad enough to fit your mouth and insert a hose into the two vents of the helmet. 

The breathed-out air will travel through this aperture to the outside. 

A few more questions may arise in your mind that includes: 

How to keep glasses from fogging up in a motorcycle helmet?

You can place your glasses on a heated radiator while wearing the helmet and gloves, after that you can put them back on and close your visor before venturing back. By closing the helmet, you will be able to keep your glasses warm enough to prevent moisture from condensing on the helmet. 

How to keep motorcycle helmet lens from fogging up? 

You can use various methods such as pinlock lenses, anti-fog sprays, anti-fog coating, water repellents, anti-fog inserts, and many more. 

How to keep motorcycle helmet visor from fogging up?

You can insert anti-fog inserts in your helmet by positioning a mask on the outside of the visor, using a Pinlock lens, using anti-fog treatments, water repellents, etc. This is how to stop helmet visor fogging using basic methods. 

Frequently asked questions:

How to keep my sun visor from fogging? 

There are a couple of options for the inner sun visor, which you can use. For instance, get breath deflectors or breath guards if you do not already have any for your helmet. Second,  you can apply the anti-fogging coating.

Is it safe to wear sunglasses under a motorcycle helmet? 

Wearing sunglasses can protect you from pebbles, bees and give a cooling effect.  However, it is better to put the visor down that provides you the utmost protection than sunglasses. 

How to see when riding a motorcycle in the rain? 

You can use a face shield, which allows you to see while removing the rainwater from it. 

How do motorcyclists see through their helmet visors? 

– They usually lean their head to the side when riding at high speeds, the rain that falls on their visor blows away. Also, they wipe the visor with the glove or thumb wiper. 

Why does the visor on the helmet fog up?

The temperature differential that is formed between the interior of the helmet and the outside is primarily responsible for the phenomena of fogging of the helmet visor. This frequently happens, especially in cold or wet conditions when there is a big difference between the outside air temperature and the temperature within a closed helmet. 

Tiny condensation droplets can be seen within the helmet visor as a consequence. Frequently, you may also notice the visor fogging up from the outside. This typically occurs when the air is more humid outside than inside your helmet. However, the answer to getting rid of condensation in both situations is the same.

Effects of a foggy visor?

Furthermore, when a terrible fatality results from one of these incidents, the riders are frequently held responsible and may even get a jail sentence. It’s incredible how having a fogged visor may cause severe issues and negatively influence your life for years to come. Therefore, it is critical that this issue not be dismissed. In many nations, having a fogged visor is seen as a traffic infraction and is a criminal offence. Additionally, the distraction caused by a cloudy projection makes the already terrifying situation worse.

What to do if the fog in your motorbike helmet?

You need the proper clothing and motorbike equipment if you want to remain comfortable when riding in the chilly winters. But we frequently overlook the most crucial tool. A helmet not only keeps your head warm in the cold but also safeguards your head in the event of an accident. However, many motorcycle riders are seen winterizing and storing their bikes in preparation for the upcoming riding season, owing to the evident hurdles.

However, wouldn’t it be great to be able to ride your motorbike all year long without having to worry about your visor fogging up? After much testing and investigation, we have finally discovered methods to prevent your helmet from fogging up. Here are a few examples:


Different helmets might need different treatments hence; you must know the ideal method to utilize well for yours. However, these are some of the best ways, that tell you how to keep motorcycle helmet from fogging.

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