How To Clean Outside Of Motorcycle Helmet | 10 Easy Steps

Riding without a helmet has a substantial potential to put the riders in dutch, especially the ones full of vim and vigor. That is to say that it is an indispensable piece of equipment to put on the head for preventing non-recoverable damage and injuries. 

But the only helmet is the best that is maintained and cleaned regularly because uncleaned headgear will not only look old and ugly but also not function well as if the visor is not clean, you are not gonna have a clear view of the outside. 

Similarly, if the vents are clogged with dust, their purpose of circulating air won’t be fulfilled and the upshot will be shortness of breath.

Besides that, if the most prominent part; the outer shell will be blemished and layered with bugs and dirt; would you like to even touch it? 

You will definitely want to clean it well from the outside. But people are not usually aware that how to clean outside of motorcycle helmet. This is why this article shed light on the best cleaning methods for helmet exterior at home without getting any extra cleanser.

Materials require for helmet cleaning 

Thankfully, you don’t need to buy any of the required materials separately to clean motorcycle helmet because everything will be available at home except for the few optional ones. All you need is:

  • Clean warm water
  • Non-abrasive cloth such as microfiber rags
  • Q-tips 
  • Sponge (optional)
  • Polish spray and air compressor (optional)

10 steps to clean the dirty exterior of the motorcycle helmet

For the headgear that has not been cleaned for a long time and has gotten very dirty, follow the steps below to flush away all the unnecessary material. But before proceeding, it is significant to know which parts are included in the exterior. So, overall you will find an outer shell, vent channels, a visor, and a drop-down sun shield. Hence only then is the outside of the helmet clean when all these parts are cleaned. In the following method, be very careful throughout that you don’t cause scratches, hard scrubbing, and peeling of the shell. 

Let’s dive into the steps individually. 

1. Take accessories and visor off the helmet 

The very first step before cleaning helmet is the removal of all accessories such as Bluetooth speakers, microphone, connector, batteries, etc. Although only the outside cleaning is concerned, yet precautionary measures should be adopted to deter any risk due to their contact with water. 

Advisably, the electronic accessories should be taken off carefully because they are wired very cautiously thus any negligence can render fault in the circuit ending up in defective functioning.    

Along with amenities, also remove the visor. The logic behind removing this is the exposure prevention with soaked cloth embodying shampoo solution that is not recommended to come in contact with it. So, unscrew it carefully and carry out its cleaning following step # 5. But before that learn how to clean outside of motorcycle helmet concerning the outer shell and vents.    

2. Cover the visor with a microfiber rag soaked in lukewarm water 

Since it has been described earlier that you will be needing some rags; it’s time to use one of them for visor cleaning. Just get some warm water in a container and soak it there for some time. Afterward, take it out and spread it over the visor. Let it remain there till step # 8.

3. Mix a little amount of baby shampoo in the same water 

After the visor, the helmet’s outer shell is all set to be cleaned. To begin, add a very small amount of baby shampoo in the same water in which the first rag for the visor was soaked. Stir the solution until well mixed.  

Please notice that use the bay shampoo only instead of any local hair shampoo whose composition includes strong chemicals that are likely to diminish the helmet’s shine as well as color.

4. Soak a clean rag in the solution and place it over the helmet

Grab another clean and soft cloth preferably a microfiber rag and soak in the same solution. When the rag is fully soaked, spread it over the headgear after wrinkling. Under the soaked rag, the trapped particles of dust and debris will keep dislodging for being softened. Let it stay there for some time.  

5. Remove the rag and scrub the surface (if needed)

After a certain retention time, remove the rag from the helmet. Normally, rag draping is enough to loosen all the hidden and visible dirt but sometimes a hard layer of grime, dust, or debris causes trouble. So if you still see some stubborn dust chunks and caked bugs rendering, consider scrubbing to get rid of them and make it a clean motorcycle helmet. 

Get a sponge and start scrubbing it finely wherever hard stains are found. You can also dip the sponge in shampoo mixed water during cleaning helmet if needed. Keep scrubbing until the surface is fully cleaned. 

6. Use Q-tip for nooks and crooks and spray air compressor

Now it’s time to deal with the nooks and crannies that are very likely to be left unattended in superficial cleaning which clearly points that a clumsy guy has cleaned it. But many times people have no idea how to clean helmet vents. 

For this purpose, use a Q-tip which is very effective for going into small vent channels that the rag cannot reach thoroughly inside. Get out the dust and make all the channels crystal clear. You can also use an air compressor to flush away stuck particles from hard-to-reach spots. 

7. Wipe the surface and spray the polish (optional)

Small channels, outer shell, and edges are all done. Now wipe out the surface with a wet rag. A shining twinkling head protector is ready for the next ride. 

Herein, you can also use a polish spray to further buff it up. But that is not compulsory for having a fully clean motorcycle helmet because the rest of the steps are enough. Nonetheless, it can be worthwhile on old headgear for giving them a brand new shine as it is a bit challenging to make them look shiny after excessive use.  

8. Finish the visor cleaning

You remember in step 2; the visor was left with a soaked rag over for the time till the helmet is cleaned. So, get that off now and start wiping the window with a new clean rag. Remember, the visor screen is susceptible to scratches even though it carries a scratch-resistant layer, especially for those who don’t know how to clean the helmet, this is why you have to be very gentle while wiping to prevent scratches from the visor. Slide softly vertically or horizontally and let it dry itself on the shelf. 

9. Sun shield cleaning

There is also a sun shield present after the visor that too should be given some attention. However, it does not require a timely cleaning because it is not in direct contact with the environment. Therefore, just wipe it out with a rag and that’s all. 

The helmet cleaning is complete.  

10. Assemble the helmet

You are done with the cleaning so get all the detached material joined back with the helmet. Be mindful of the exact wiring and placement or else operational faults will take place. 

Regular cleaning of Motorcycle helmet:

The above method is viable for either a very dirty helmet or an uncleaned helmet for a long time. However, if you regularly clean the head protector, you can not only extend its life but also make it look new every time you wear it. 

In the two steps only you will get to know how to clean outside of motorcycle helmet for routine cleaning.

  • Wipe out the outer shell with a clean damp rag.  
  • Use a microfiber cloth to mildly massage the visor without scratching. 

5 things to be careful of while cleaning motorcycle helmet

Till now you have come to know the helmet cleaning methods. But there are certain things you need to be very mindful of as they have the potential to harm the helmet. So;

  • Always go through the owner’s manual and follow the recommended cleaning method if given. 
  • Take off all the electronic accessories before exterior cleaning.
  • Do not use solvents and strong chemicals to clean motorcycle helmets.
  • Use a non-abrasive cloth for visor cleaning to prevent scratches.  
  • Do not use aerosol spray for vent cleaning. 

FAQs: How To Clean Outside Of Motorcycle Helmet

Q. Can I use detergent or dish soap over my helmet?

A. Avoid using detergents, dish soap, and any sort of solvent while cleaning the helmet. Consult with the manual to see the recommended material. However, baby shampoo can be used for being mild in composition. 

Q. How to clean the narrow sections and vents on helmets?

A. Use a soft-bristled brush or q-tip to clear the pathways on the helmet where the rag cannot reach.


The 10 steps method for helmet cleaning has comprehensively articulated how to clean outside of motorcycle helmets. By and large, it is always better to maintain the helmet routinely, or else it can undergo aging earlier.

However, a buggy headgear is also not trickier to clean at home as mentioned above in the write-up. Follow the quick steps and get a clean helmet without spending extra money on fancy cleaners.

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