How to clean helmet visor without getting scratches | 4 easy ways

Do you want to know how To Clean Helmet Visor Without Getting Scratches? Being an integral part of helmets, visors are of utmost significance on account of their protection provided by a Faceshield to keep debris, dust, and bugs away from our faces. Also, the weather conditions such as cold, rain, smog, dust storms, and hot sunny waves are not allowed to come in direct contact with the face.

This is why it is critical to protect the helmet visor or else nothing will be viewable properly causing an obstructed, unclear, fade, and improper view. Is that favorable? Certainly not! 

In this view, it is necessary to know about the cleaning method of helmet visors. But many people do not know how to clean helmet visors without getting scratches that too at home easily.

This article will describe the easiest ways to clean visors without spending extra money on visor cleaners that will certainly extend the life of your visor. Let’s have a glance at these methods are their corresponding steps.

How to clean helmet visor without getting scratches (4 easy ways)

Since this write-up aimed at describing the visor cleaning methods at home without spending money, it has been particularly focused that the only material will be encompassed that is easily available at home. So, altogether you need;

  • A small container for carrying water
  • Plain warm water
  • Paper towel/tissue paper/Newspaper/Microfiber  

Whatever the method is, nothing else than the aforementioned things will be required. Notably, some people think that visors can be cleaned with any cloth. This is not correct because it will do nothing but scratch. This is extremely necessary to Prevent scratches on helmet visor by using the only fabric that is soft and non-abrasive.

That’s why a microfiber cloth is recommended besides paper tissue. Also, the pre-existing scratch-resistant layer can deteriorate if handled improperly. Furthermore, the anti-fog coating and UV rays protective layer can be damaged if a hard cloth is used. Let’s jump to the visor cleaning methods individually that have been characterized based on the required cleaning. 

Cleaning of a dirty and buggy visor:

The first cleaning method is for those visors that get debris, encounter bugs, undergo weather variations, and become dirty by dust. Since it won’t be possible to use such a visor, take it as a reminder to clean the window thoroughly. Follow these steps to clean the visor. 

a) Soak a clean microfiber in plain warm water 

Take a water container, and get some warm water into it. Now, soak a very clean and soft microfiber into it for some time. Herein, some precautionary measures should be kept in mind that water should be chemical-free and unused. No helmet visor cleaner is needed to be used. Further, it shouldn’t be as hot as boiled water. Also, the container should be properly cleaned without having grease inside. 

Regarding microfiber, it is necessary to get a new one but be mindful that it should be cleaned. 

b) Lay the cloth across the visor

After some time, get the soaked cloth out whilst wrinkling lightly. Lay it across the window and leave for some time. This is intended for the sake of loosening lodged dust particles, grime, and any unwanted material. The stained visor will keep dislodging them within stay time. 

You can also use a tissue to cover the visor after spraying the window with water. Place the tissue and tap to wet it completely. This will absorb the dust particles.  

c) Remove helmet visor

Once the trapped particles are softened, the draped cloth or tissue will be removed without wiping the screen right away. 

Now is the time to unscrew the visor and set it aside. Remember, disassembling is not needed every time you are cleaning the window. 

d) Wipe with a dry cloth to clean the visor 

Wipe out the shield in a side-to-side or up-to-bottom way instead of a circular motion which has a great potential to cause scratches on the visor. The clean motorcycle visor can be viewed in light to identify if there is still some staining. 

Follow all these steps carefully that comprehensively explain how to clean helmet visor without getting scratches.

2. Cleaning of a dusty visor

The above method is suitable for visors that are significantly buggy and weather-affected. However, if there is just dust on the motorcycle helmet that tends to prevail mostly due to dirt bike riding on off-road, you don’t need to practice mounting and removing frequently, rather just follow the quick steps below. 

a) Sweep the dust away 

Firstly shake the helmet to get the dust piles off the visor. Also, sweep as much dust as you can with a soft cloth slightly. Once you feel that no more dust can be removed by sweeping, stop it to Prevent scratches on helmet visor.

b) Wipe off the shield with a paper towel

Now slide a tissue paper or a paper towel mildly to remove the remaining dust. This way, you can get rid of the visor’s assembling and disassembling recurrently because all you need to do is the sweeping and tissue paper sliding. Notably, do not use a single tissue for sliding over and over again; rather it’s better to discard it once it is slid in either direction.   

3. Clearing rainwater streaks from the visor 

The previous scenarios are common but the situation is a bit different in the case of rain or fog. Although an anti-fog coating on the visor is made to not let it get blurred due to fog or smog, harsh conditions can turn it into a foggy visor.  Similarly, during rain, the water drops appearing on the shield can annoy sight. 

Tackling such a visor is not at all difficult. All you need to do is just get the water streaks off the visor by following the below method that shows how to clean helmet visor without getting scratches. 

a) Pour and spread some water drops on Faceshield

Better to pour warm water on the window instead of normal water. Spread it very delicately with your fingers on the surface.

b) Gently slide a water towel side to side

Now wipe out the screen with a paper towel or any microfiber cloth carelessly. Do not move it in a circular motion or randomly. Also, let it dry out itself under the wind instead of continuous wiping which can cause staining or scratches. A clean motorcycle visor is ready to be used. 

4. Cleaning of Smudged helmet visor

The last cleaning method is for the visors that are neither dusty nor rainy but smudged due to skin contact. Sometimes there are fingerprints and skin contact with the visor that does not leave it fully transparent anymore.

In such a situation, you don’t need to treat the helmet in any of the above ways, rather use a soft cloth and clean it softly without treating it with any cleanser. The upshot will certainly be a Clean helmet visor.  

Preventive measures for cleaning a helmet visor

So far, you have come to know the ideas to protect the visor and keep it safe from staining, dirt, dust, and grime. However, many people get the helmet scratched due to careless cleaning despite knowing how to clean helmet visor without getting scratches.

The precautionary measures that will prevent scratches on helmet visor up to great extent are:

  • Do not use an abrasive cloth for wiping but a microfiber cloth.
  • Do not use water having any sort of chemicals but plain and warm water
  • Do not use petroleum-based products
  • Do not disassemble the visor every time you are cleaning it or else it will become loose. 
  • Do not use newspaper in place of a paper towel for cleaning water streaks from the visor. 
  • Do not use visor cleaner for simple cleaning. 

Nonetheless, it should be noted that a scratched helmet visor is less likely to be cleaned because it is quite hard to remove scratches from the visor in many cases because they are irreparable so the visor is recommended to be replaced. However, for being pricey it is not favorable to switch to this option therefore, it is necessary to Take care of the helmet visor from the very beginning as well as during cleaning. 


Q. Can toothpaste be used for cleaning a helmet visor?

A. To remove scratches from the visor, toothpaste has not been found helpful so it is not a better solution for scratch removal. 

Q. Can I remove scratches from the visor?

A. In scratch-resistant visors, the shield is coated with a scratch-resistant layer that enables the window not to undergo staining or scratching earlier. However, if scratches prevail, you can polish the surface as there are certain types of polishes available. Nonetheless, if scratches are more irreparable, it is better to replace the visor.   

Q: What do I need to clean a helmet visor?

A. All you need is warm water, a clean microfiber, and a dry cloth. Soak the microfiber for some time in warm water and lay it across the visor for some time. Afterward, remove the helmet visor to dry out completely and further with a dry cloth gently to get a clean helmet visor.


So this is all about how to clean helmet visor without getting scratches. make sure to follow the step which is described above to get the best result. Hope you found helpful information in this article. Thanks for reading

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