How To Clean Bicycle Helmet Straps

We all are concerned while buying high-end helmets as they are undoubtedly necessary to ensure our safety while riding bikes. We splurge a lot of money on protective gear such as knee pads, helmet straps, helmets, or many more. They require regular maintenance to work efficiently for a long time. You cannot take risks in the maintenance of a helmet for obvious reasons. Moreover, cleaning the helmet is a task that needs proper attention.

So, here we are with a guide of ten easy tips on how to clean bicycle helmet straps thoroughly. The regular use of helmets makes your skin sweaty or dirty. The sweat leaves a lot of unseen dirt particles on the helmet’s inner surface, which results in irritation, smelly helmets, or rashes on your scalp or skin.

By now, you must have known that cleaning helmets are necessary to avoid future skin problems. But firstly, let’s start with the bicycle helmet.

How To Wash Bicycle Helmet?

Some of the riders frequently avoid cleaning helmets. The most prominent reason behind this is that washing bike helmets can take some time. Whether you are a beginner or unaware of how to detach every part of a helmet for cleaning, we share everything with the easiest way how to clean a smelly bike helmet to help you out.

Step 1: First of all, detach the parts of helmets or tech gear attached with it by following the guide & keeping a check so that you can assemble them correctly.

Step 2: You can start with the head of your helmet, soak it in lukewarm water with baby shampoo to get rid of dirt & then remove all the dirt with a microfibre or soft toothbrush. But remember, don’t be too harsh. It can damage the protective shield or material of the helmet.

Step 3: You need to remove all foam liners, chin straps & cheek pads for getting rid of the sweat or dirt it soaks with every use. Soak them as well.

Step 4: Remove stubborn dirt with a toothbrush & wash them gently with lukewarm water to remove all the oil.

Step 5: Dry them in dry sunlight or cool air so that the shape & quality stays the same.

Now coming to bike helmet straps and wondering what’s new in them. Helmet straps are made up of different fabrics which need to be cleaned with proper instruction. Otherwise, you might ruin the quality of the chin strap.

Abrasive cleaning makes the strap wear out early, which means the risk of falling off the helmet persists. Let’s find some essential tips that you must know before the cleaning process.

10 Tips On How To Clean Bicycle Helmet Straps

  • Avoid using harsh chemicals, adhesives, or shampoos to clean the helmets.
  • Never scrub, twist, squeeze or clean the bicycle helmet straps harshly.
  • Use a sponge in place of a soft toothbrush while removing dirt from the straps or helmet to avoid the deterioration of fabric.
  • You can use mild shampoos to clean all the dirt accumulated on the surface of the straps and helmet.
  • It would help if you used the combination of white vinegar ( not too much) and water to get rid of those stinky helmet straps you don’t want.
  • To clean your helmet, you can use lukewarm water, not too hot water. Never use a dishwasher to clean the helmet.
  • Never use products that contain petroleum to remove the dirt. Try other baby shampoos to soak the strap.
  • You can use a helmet cleaning spray for cleaning the bicycle helmet instantly. Spray the liquid inside the helmet & keep for a good five minutes. Now you can clean all the sprayed liquid with the microfiber cloth to get a clean surface.
  • Don’t use a hair dryer for drying the inner pads or straps of the helmet so that the quality of the material doesn’t get damaged.
  • Never use too much force on any part & to eradicate dirt from the corners, use cotton buds.

Step By Step Guide To Clean Bicycle Helmet Straps

Follow these step by step instructions for how to clean bicycle helmet straps without damaging them:

  • Remove the inner liners that can be removed easily not to get extra wet.
  • Now soak the helmet straps into the lukewarm water mixed with detergent.
  • Use a soft brush to remove all the sweat, grime, oil, germs, dirt, or mud present on the straps.
  • Add some extra soap to clean all the dirt particles properly.
  • Rinse the straps in clean water to get new clean belts once again.
  • Now you can pat dry them with a microfibre cloth & dry them in the sunlight or clear air.
  • Try not to use the dryer to remove all the moisture.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean a smelly bike helmet?

You can use a dash of vinegar mixed with water to remove the stinky odor from the helmet. Soak the straps and pads for some time & rinse them. Various detergents such as Pine-Sol or Muco Foam Fresh can kill more than 90% of the bacteria responsible for the foul odor.

How do you clean helmet visors?

Take a container with warm water containing the liquid detergent or mild shampoo. Now remove the helmet visor & soak them in the water for some time to weaken the dirt particles trapped in the corners. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the helmet so that you wouldn’t end up getting any scratches.

How do I clean my bike helmet strap?

Gently soak them in the mild shampoo for a few minutes. Now scrub the straps to remove the dirt & wash them with cold water. You can use hard scrub while using light color straps to remove dirt.

How do you clean a non-removable helmet liner?

You can clean the non-removable liners by soaking the helmet in water mixed with any mild cleaner but firstly, check with the manufacturer. Otherwise, you can use cold water, cleaner & a microfiber cloth to remove all the mud.


So, now you know almost everything about cleaning your helmet yourself. There is no need to wait to buy new helmets to get rid of dirt or germs. Well-cleaned helmets reduce the risk of skin irritation as well. Share our guide on How To Clean Bicycle Helmet Straps with your friends to save up a lot of money & time you all are wasting on helmets.

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