Can you use a snowmobile helmet for motorcycles?

Motorcycle and snowmobile sports are risky. So, we need extra precautions while riding the bikes. No matter where you are riding or how long you drive, helmets are necessary. If we talk about helmets, they mostly look the same to many people. They are hardly able to tell the difference. So Can You Use A Snowmobile Helmet For Motorcycles? Let’s find out.

As we know both helmets serve the same purpose and offer protection to our heads. So, are motorcycle and snowmobile helmets the same? We certainly can’t say the same.

Top Differences Between Snowmobile Helmet & Motorcycle Helmet

From the perspective of their purpose, they both help in protecting our heads during bumpy or rash speeds. It saves your head from getting injured. They are almost identical, but snowmobile helmets have a few extra features. Motorcycle helmets are designed for riding bikes in areas that do not have snow. Read more about snowmobile helmet vs motorcycle helmet which is as follows:

Weight Of Helmets: Basic motorcycle helmets generally weigh 400-500 grams more than snowmobile helmets. The primary reason is that snowmobiles don’t have rearview mirrors to keep the snow and other vehicles in check. So their helmets need to be lighter so that riders can move their head quickly.

Proper Insulation: Snowmobile helmets are designed for driving in colder regions, which means you can expect extra layering inside the helmet to save your ear or head from cold. Likewise, Motorcycle helmets are built according to the common land areas absent with such features. So, we cannot use Snowmobile Helmet For Motorcycles.

Number Of Vents: Snowmobile has more vents to clear out the air that builds up inside the helmets. You can’t afford to have foggy visors while riding in the snow.

Number Of Shields: Snowmobile helmets have double shields with gas in between them to keep your visors clear from the moisture due to the breath inside the helmet. Motorcycle helmets are devoid of dual guards because they don’t work for them.

Use Of Heated Shield: As we know, riding during snow can produce a lot more moisture inside the helmet. So, snowmobile helmets include extra heated shields that remove helmet visors from getting foggy. Motorcycle helmets don’t have them because they are not used mainly in the snow.

Breath Guards: Snowmobile helmets come with breath guards, which fit you comfortably in such a way that all the warm breath you produce no longer disturbs your visors anymore.

Frameless: Snowmobile helmets have no frames or double shield visors to help you view all the things while riding. Motorcycle helmets are entirely framed to keep the dust particles, dirt, or insects away from your eyes while driving.

Can You Use A Snowmobile Helmet For Motorcycles? Find Why No!

Both the helmets are designed distinctly in their manner. You can certainly use them both for riding in snow or on the road. You feel right while using them as there is not much of a difference. But you are putting your life at risk. So for the query Can you Wear a Snowmobile Helmet on a Motorcycle? The answer is simply no.

Snowmobile helmets are light in weight because there is less chance of injuries in snow. But on a motorcycle, there might be chances that a lightweight snowmobile helmet will not be able to protect your head completely.

Motorcycle helmets are made to use in all weather conditions, but in snow, they can be foggy or blurry because snowmobile helmets come with specially designed heated shields or double pane visors that will save you in extreme climate conditions by keeping your helmet warm and clear to view. Find more information on can you use a snowmobile helmet for motorcycles? Read now!

Are Snowmobile And Motocross Helmets The Same?

No, they are not the same. Snowmobile Motocross helmets are made up for the off-road racing game, so they come along with different sports specifications. They have some of the differences between them, which are as follows:

●    Motocross Helmets do not have a double pane shield to prevent foggy visors because the riders generally wear goggles rather than using safeguards while sports racing.

●    These helmets have chin skirts to prevent the cool air from coming against your face & making you feel cold.

●    More accessories are available in Motocross helmets, such as a breath box to keep a balance of air inside the helmet or face shields.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a snowmobile helmet DOT approved?

While following the precautionary measures for your safety, the snowmobile helmet must be DOT or SNELL approved. For many regions, Govt. has set up DOT helmets approved helmets as a necessity for riding the snowmobile.

How much does a snowmobile helmet cost?

The price will be around $150 -$300 for the snowmobile helmet. It includes all the essential features or desired specifications that you need for the helmet.

Why do snowmobile helmets have visors?

In cold weather, we all know that our breath or perspiration in the helmet can make the helmet more blurry. With the help of the visor that dual shield, you can easily drive as they automatically remove all the fog that accumulates on the visor.

Why does my snowmobile helmet fog up?

Your warm body is most likely to produce regular warm breaths in a cold atmosphere. It makes the helmet foggy. You can reduce such issues to a minimum by using a double pane shield helmet or helmet with a heat shield, as we suggested above.

Can you wear a motorcycle helmet snowmobiling?

No, we suggest you not wear your motorcycle helmet while snowmobiling. Snowmobile helmets come with various features such as light in weight, double pane visors, or even the heat shield that helps you see in extreme fogging.


We hope that coming to the end of an article, we have cleared all your queries regarding Can You Use A Snowmobile Helmet For Motorcycles? We don’t suggest switching the helmets according to your use because each helmet is designed to the specific requirements that save you from various injuries.

But in any case, if you want to use one helmet for both motorcycles or snowmobiles, we suggest you accessorize the helmet accordingly to get desired protection. You can read more tips or tricks regarding helmets on our blog. For more, stay tuned.

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