Can you use a bike helmet for skateboarding?

While skating, a good bike helmet can keep you safe and comfortable. When it comes to  wearing a helmet before skating, as a professional skater, you might often wonder, “Can you use a bike helmet for skateboarding?” Yes, almost everybody has this question going on in mind. 

A helmet is one of the most important pieces of safety gear for keeping your head safe while riding a bike or motorcycle. It is a fact that, due to reckless skateboarding or bike riding, you could fall to the ground and make a huge impact on the head at any time. For your aggressive behavior, you can even get a slap on the face. 

Regardless of the event, a helmet on your head will keep your forehead and head protected. A skateboard helmet vs. a bike helmet 

The shape and functionality are distinct. Skateboard helmets also cover the rear of the head,  which is typically overlooked by bicycle helmets. Skateboard helmets can resist repeated collisions, but bike helmets are only meant to withstand a single high-force impact. 

The difference between bike and skate helmet: 

• Bike helmets are light in weight than skateboarding helmets, providing much more comfort to the wearer. 

• Bike helmets provide greater ventilation than skateboard helmets

• In comparison to skateboard helmets, bike helmets provide less rear head protection.

• Skateboards can have multiple collisions, whereas a bike helmet only has one.

• Skateboards have a thicker shell, bike helmets have a thinner shell 

• Bike helmets withstand more force. 

All these differences that favor in some way or the other raise the question in people’s minds can you use a bike helmet for skateboarding

Bike helmets are designed to withstand a single major impact, but a minor bump does not necessitate discarding one. After a fall, make careful to inspect the helmet. As I previously stated, if your foam has a crack or is otherwise damaged, discard it. 

The difference in helmet shape and design

Skateboarding helmets are made differently than bike helmets, as you must have certainly observed. Skateboarding helmets are spherical and smooth and cover the rear of your head.  Coming to skateboarding, there are numerous routes to choose from. Falling on the back of the head is one of the ways to fall, which is why a skate helmet covers more than just the top of the head. 

Bikers rarely fall flat on their backs, whereas children do it more frequently. There are helmets for children that cover the rear of the head as well. 

Different types of foam 

The type of foam utilized is perhaps the most significant distinction. The type of foam used in helmets is mostly utilized for energy management. Some foams are designed to survive one severe impact(harder foam), while others are built to endure a few tougher strikes and still others to withstand numerous softer impacts or moderate impacts (softer foam). 

Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) and Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) are the most common materials used in helmets (EPS). EPP is a rubbery or squishy material that is commonly seen in skateboard helmets and is engineered to withstand several impacts. EPP, unlike EPS,  repairs itself due to the rubbery substance. Because EPS is designed for a single impact, only  EPS foam is commonly utilized in bike helmets. 

Hence, to the question- can you use a bike helmet for skateboarding, this technology might utter yes. 

The difference in the shells 

A strong shell surrounds the outside of a skateboard helmet, which can withstand several impacts in some situations. The shell is often thicker than that of a cycling helmet, allowing for greater impact protection. A thin plastic shell is found on bike helmets. 

The problem with multiple impact skateboard helmets 

In theory, a multi-directional impact protection system sounds terrific, but there is a catch.  Damage to the helmet’s external shell is simple to see. It is difficult to tell whether or not the protective foam was restored. It is also impossible to say whether the helmet will be able to withstand another strong strike after a few soft ones. While some manufacturers have gone above and beyond to develop innovative technologies that can withstand several blows, it’s always a gamble. 

The difference in style

While safety should always come first when you think about “can you use a bike helmet for skateboarding”, aesthetics are also crucial. I understand that when biking or skating,  individuals want to look and feel beautiful. Your helmet becomes an extension of your style. 

If appearances are important to you, it is worth noting that skate-style helmets are often believed to look more youthful and ‘street’ looking. People that favor this sort of helmet are typical: Cyclists who ride for fun, Commuters, etc. 

Can you wear a bike helmet for skateboarding? 

Skateboarding requires a dual-certified helmet that meets both the CPSC 1203 and ASTM  F1492 requirements. Not all bike-style helmets give adequate protection, thus a skateboard helmet should cover the back of the head. Skateboarding should always be done while wearing a skateboard helmet. 

Can you use a skateboard helmet for biking? 

Let us say you like to skate and bike at the same time. In that scenario, you can choose from a  variety of helmets that have been certified by the manufacturer to fulfill both the ASTM  F1492 helmet standard for skateboards, the CPSC helmet safety standard for bicycles, and are the safest helmet types. 

Here are a few correct helmet examples that can be worn while riding or skating Triple Eight, Outdoor Master 

Dual certified skate and bike helmets 

Can you use a bike helmet for skateboarding? Yes, consider a cycling helmet that satisfies both the CPSC 1203 and the F1492 standards if you enjoy both skating and bicycling, or simply want a bit extra protection in your bike helmet.

True skateboard helmets with dual certification keep you safe whether you are cycling along the road or skating up a ramp. They are also ideal for folks who enjoy riding their bikes to the neighborhood skate park. 

Just double-check the certifications for correct helmet touted as having dual certifications to be sure they are the ones that apply to skateboarding and biking. 

Frequently asked questions 

Can I wear a bike helmet for roller-skating? 

Only helmets that are dual-certified to both the CPSC 1203 and ASTM F1492 standards can be used safely for skating. 

Is a skateboard helmet different than a bike helmet?

Helmets for bikes and skateboards differ in various ways. The most significant distinction is that skate helmets are built to survive numerous collisions, but bicycle helmets are built to withstand only one. This is because bike helmets feature foam lining that is meant to compress when they are hit.  

Bicycle helmet vs skateboarding helmet  

the difference between bike helmets and skate helmets: 

· Bike helmets provide better ventilation 

· Skating helmets have thinner shells while bike helmets have thicker ones. · Bike helmets can withstand more force 

Can you use a bicycle helmet for a motorcycle? 

No, as it is not safe and also can be illegal in many places. 


When you think about it, can you use a bike helmet for skateboarding? then you must  consider those helmets which meet the dual certified skateboard helmets or bike helmets

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