10 Best road bike helmet under $100

As a cyclist, you know that one of the most important pieces of gear you can wear is a good helmet. But if you’re on a budget, finding a quality helmet can be tough. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best road bike helmets under $100.

These helmets offer great protection and features, without breaking the bank. So whether you’re just starting out in cycling or are looking for an affordable replacement for your current helmet, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll also provide a few tips and Buying guide for choosing the Best road bike helmet under $100 for your needs. So if you’re in the market for a new bike helmet, read on!

In A Hurry? Here are Our Top Picks..
  1. PREMIUM PICK: Giro Register MIPS Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet
  2. BEST PICK: Kask Rapido Road Cycling Helmet
  3. EDITOR’S PICK: Smith Bike-Helmets Convoy MIPS

List of 10 Best road bike helmet under $100

  1. Giro Register MIPS Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet
  2. Smith Bike-Helmets Convoy MIPS
  3. Giro Fixture MIPS Adult Mountain Cycling Helmet
  4. Kask Rapido Road Cycling Helmet
  5. BERN, Allston Helmet with Flip Visor
  6. SCOTT Arx Plus Helmet – Adults’
  7. BELL Formula MIPS Adult Road Bike Helmet
  8. Giro Cinder MIPS Adult Road Cycling Helmet –
  9. LIVALL powersports-Helmets
  10. LAZER Helmet Blade

1. Giro Register MIPS – Budget Road bike Helmet

The Giro Register MIPS Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet is the perfect entry-level road helmet, combining practicality and performance for competitive cyclists. Designed with Giro’s proprietary Roc Loc Jr. fit system it ensures fast, fine-tunes adjustment that helps you get the right fit from the start.

The in-mold technology combines a tough polycarbonate outer shell with the helmet’s impact-absorbing foam liner.

The result is a lightweight, protective road cycling helmet that provides comfort and great ventilation for all-day riding. It comes with MIPS technology which can provide protection in case of a crash. It also has an adjustable fit system

  • MIPS technology provides protection in case of a crash
  • Sturdy shell for added protection
  • Stays cool on long rides
  • Adjustable fit system
  • Great for entry level cyclists or those looking to upgrade from a cheap helmet
  • Some report that the helmet is too large
  • Plastic vents break easily

2. Smith Convoy Bike HelmetsBest road bike helmet under 100

The Smith helmet is a great road bike helmet under $100 with an integrated visor. It flows good air and keeps you cool on those warm summer days. The lightweight in-mold construction paired with the lightweight single-layer webbing makes this a comfortable and safe choice for your road bike helmet needs.

  • Great price
  • Good air flow
  • A few reports of sizing issues.

3. Giro Fixture Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet

The Giro Fixture is the best budget bike helmet. What sets this option apart from its competitors is that it provides all of the high-end features you’d find in other helmets, for less than half the price. The Giro Fixture has 18 vents, internal channeling and uses MIPS to protect your head during a crash. This is a great, inexpensive helmet that is also easy to put on and take off.

  • Provides all of the high-end features you would expect from higher priced helmets.
  • MIPS helps to protect your head during a crash.
  • Easy to put on and take off.
  • Available in Women’s Series too
  • Less comfortable than higher priced helmets

4. Kask Rapido – Best Road Cycling Helmet

The Rapido is the best road helmet for cyclists for those who like to ride in hot climates or generally sweat during their cycling sessions. It has the maximum number of vents that help keep you cool and refreshed, even if it’s summertime! The materials are also very absorbent so there won’t be any problem with absorbing shock on impact–perfect protection that will serve as an excellent companion on your next adventure out there!

The Kask Rapido Cycling Helmet has a very sleek and streamlined design, giving it a sporty look you will love. The helmet is quite lightweight too, which makes it comfortable to wear throughout your journey! There are 24 vents that will be sure to keep you cool during the most arduous of circumstances.

  • Aggressive and stylish design
  • Easy fitting adjustment for all
  • MIPS technology
  • Super lightweight
  • 24 vents for maximum cooling
  • Excellent crash replacement policy
  • Up and down fit system
  • Visors don’t come with the helmet

5. BERN, Allston Helmet with Flip Visor

The BERN Allston is a premium urban purpose-built road biking helmet with all the bells and whistles. The Allston has an aerodynamic signature that was developed through extensive wind tunnel testing to be fast, light, and efficient for any ride.

The Allston brings together high-performance ventilation and BOA 360 degree retention system for the ultimate fit every time. This combined with the premium InMold construction and our Zipmold+ liner for optimum weight to strength ratio will have you riding faster, longer.

  • 16 large vents for optimum airflow
  • BOA 360 degrees retention system for the perfect fit every time
  • Premium InMold construction and our Zipmold+ liner for optimum weight to strength
  • Lightweight (only 310g)
  • Versatile – easily add a cold-weather liner or bike light for all-season use
  • Multiple Sizes and Colors available for all
  • Perfect for commuting
  • No MIPS technology

6.  SCOTT Arx Plus Helmet – Adults’

The SCOTT Arx Plus Helmet is a high-performance model that will please even the most meticulous cyclists. It offers great ventilation and aerodynamics, along with a visor. This Helmet is a high-end road bike helmet for people who want top-of-the-line protection and comfort without breaking the bank.

The outer shell of this helmet has been made from polycarbonate, while the interior boasts open-cell padding to make sure you stay comfortable during your ride. Weighing in at just 400 grams (14 ounces) the Arx Plus is also very lightweight.

  • Great ventilation
  • Aerodynamic helmet
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Lightweight
  • Integrated MIPS technology
  • None

7.  BELL Formula MIPS Adult Road Bike Helmet

The Bell Formula Helmets are some of the best bike helmet under budget They are one of the lightest on this list, at only 11 ounces, and feature a MIPS liner for added protection. They also have 19 vents that help keep you cool during your rides. This helmet is available in three sizes (Small-62 cm; Medium-59 cm-61 cm; Large-59 cm-62 cm) and consists of an in-molded polycarbonate shell.

The Formula Helmet also has an easy-to-turn rubber over-molded dial for adjustments. The sweat guide pad design helps pull moisture away from the brow pad and away from your eyewear.

  • Lightweight
  • MIPS technology to reduce rotational forces
  • 19 vents for cool air flow
  • Swat guide for absorbing moisture
  • Straps are not adjustable

8. Giro Cinder MIPS Adult Road Cycling Helmet

The Giro Cinder MIPS is a very popular and high-quality road bike helmet. Its mid-range price makes it accessible to many cyclists, but still offers features found on more expensive helmets. The Giro Cinder MIPS uses Roc Loc 5, which is the best adjustable fit system out of any helmet manufacturer (in our opinion). So you can be sure that you’ll get a tight and secure fit.

The Roc Loc 5 system also allows for vertical positioning adjustment, which is very important because it allows for a more comfortable and aerodynamic fit. You can adjust the tension of the Roc Loc 5 system with a simple dial on the back of the helmet. The Giro Cinder MIPS also has adjustable ventilation, which allows you to control the amount of air flowing into your helmet.

This is vital because road cycling can be very strenuous, requiring a lot of time in the saddle. These ventilation features, combined with 26 wind tunnel vents, allow a large amount of airflow to enter the helmet. The helmet is also very lightweight, weighing in at only 8 ounces. This again, adds to the comfort of the rider.

  • Easy fit system allows for vertical positioning
  • Large amount of airflow through vents
  • 26 wind tunnel vents provide very good ventilation
  • Very lightweight
  • Giro is a reputable company
  • None

9. LIVALL Powersport Bile Helmets under $100

The LIVALL Bling helmet is a smart helmet that you need to have. It comes with some amazing features including controlling the LED lights by using the Bling Jet controller which can easily attach to your bike handlebar. T

It is the best road bike helmet under $100 also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker as well as a microphone for safety and convenience while riding. In addition, this helmet has a walkie-talkie function that lets you stay connected with your team. Finally, it even has an SOS alert which automatically sends out emergency signals whenever it detects an accident.

  • Bling Jet controller
  • LED lights are super bright
  • integrated headphone
  • Has a built-in microphone and speaker
  • The walkie-talkie feature is very convenient
  • SOS alert which automatically notifies your emergency contacts
  • The headphone is quite difficult to assemble
  • The battery life is not that good

10. LAZER Helmet Blad

The LAZER Blade is a high-quality road cycling helmet with many of the same features as our top-notch helmets. It offers an easy adjustment for your fit using the thumbwheel on the top of the helmet. The retention system prevents pressure points from making adjustments all around your head, keeping it comfortable throughout wear.

22 vents and internal channeling make sure air flows through the helmet, keeping you cool and comfortable. Stylish European styling is combined with high performance to create a great-looking road cycling helmet.

  • Easy Adjustments on the Go
  • Supreme Comfort Retention System
  • Well Ventilated 22 Vents
  • Not as many color options as some helmets

Buying Guide: Factors to consider before buying the Best road bike helmets under $100


The best way to ensure you’re comfort is by checking the liner of your helmet. If it has EPS foam, then that will be very comfortable and provide a cool feeling when compared with other types like polystyrene or even cotton linings which can make someone sweat more than they otherwise would have done had there been no risk for discomfort from heat exposure caused by excess humidity levels inside an enclosed space where humans spend the most time during their day (i..e: cars).

The higher number of vents mean better ventilation so users don’t get too hot especially since we live in climate areas prone to high temperatures


Best road bike helmets under $100 for men should be super-lightweight, and less than 300 grams. Paying attention to what’s happening around you while wearing a bike helmet is the goal. And, of course, this can only happen if your head doesn’t feel like it’s underwater or stuck in concrete – which means that any weighty feeling must be avoided at all costs! Luckily for riders everywhere.

There are lightweight options available when looking into buying new gear; some people might say they don’t want anything too light because then it feels softer than others (which could cause issues with balance), but I would recommend finding one nearshore option instead 

Air Circulation:

Best road bike helmets under $100 for men should have a large number of vents. Air circulation is very important because it helps to keep the rider cool. Best road bike helmets under $100 should have air circulation that can be adjusted using built-in controls.

Fitting and Retention System: 

Best road bike helmets under $100 have a range of fit options that are available to give you the right feel. The best road bike helmet for men should have a retention system that is adjustable. Best road bike helmets under $100 for men feature adjustable chin straps and comfort pads to ensure the helmet stays in place. The best road bike helmet for men should have a retention system that is adjustable.


Best road bike helmets under $100 for men should have a lightweight material. The world of cycling has seen a number of changes over the years, but one thing that remains constant is how we protect ourselves from accidents while out on our bikes.

One type of design classic you’ll find in almost any bike shop today would be expandable polystyrene (EPS) foam helmets-fashioned into what looks like an egg carton and covered with a hard shell material such as plastic or carbon fiber added onto its surface(s).

This basic premise dates back decades ago now; despite other manufacturing techniques filtering through including 3D printed Polyamide 11 which promises benefits not yet fully explored!


We all know the aero brush, and it’s making our current kit feel outdated. But with helmets there might be some sense in using them; watt savings could potentially come from these accessories if you’re concerned about speed on your ride (though not always).

However, just remember that while they do offer greater efficiency at reducing wind resistance- which would make anyone want one!–there are tradeoffs too such as decreasing ventilation or having goofy-looking lids!


When should I replace my helmet?

The exterior of a helmet is designed to protect from hard impacts, but it also has a breaking-in period. The EPS inside the helmet begins to curl as it is compressed, so the first few times you wear the helmet it may seem loose. However, after several uses, the liner will settle and conform to your head better.

What is the best way to clean my helmet?

The best way to clean your helmet is to use mild soap or detergent and water. Do not put the helmet in a washing machine, as this could damage the helmet and possibly cause injury to you or others. Wipe it clean with a towel and allow it to air dry.

What Are The Ways To Reduce Cycling Injuries?

As mentioned above, cycling is a sport that can be quite dangerous. There are numerous ways to do this; helmets are one way to do this, as are proper gear and taking the time to learn about cycling safety.

What Is The Best Helmets For Bicycle?

The best helmets are made of expanded polystyrene, have a hard outer shell and can be very thin. They also offer excellent ventilation, are lightweight and have good coverage that your whole head is protected. These are all critical to staying safe while cycling.

Best road bike helmets under $100 can provide comfort as well as protection. The best road bike helmets for men should have some adjustment features, which will allow you to customize it to your own head . The best road bike helmets under $100 for men should also be lightweight and durable.

Can I wear a hat underneath my helmet?

It is recommended not to wear a hat underneath your helmet because it will make the fit of the helmet less secure. Also, you could damage the helmet with your hat. If you are wearing a winter hat, remove it before putting on your helmet.

What is MIPS?

MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System. This technology is used in high-end helmets to reduce rotational forces during an impact.

List of 10 Best road bike helmet under 100

  1. Giro Register MIPS Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet
  2. Smith Bike-Helmets Convoy MIPS
  3. Giro Fixture MIPS Adult Mountain Cycling Helmet
  4. Kask Rapido Road Cycling Helmet
  5. BERN, Allston Helmet with Flip Visor
  6. SCOTT Arx Plus Helmet – Adults’
  7. BELL Formula MIPS Adult Road Bike Helmet
  8. Giro Cinder MIPS Adult Road Cycling Helmet –
  9. LIVALL powersports-Helmets
  10. LAZER Helmet Blade


The best bike helmets under $100 are a great way to stay safe while out on your ride. You should know that quality matters most when it comes down to shock absorption, so don’t compromise with what you pay for! We have four different styles and designs from which we’ll choose our top pick – they’re all very versatile in terms of technology preferences too if needed.

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